Serving the community

The La Trobe Audiology Clinic provides hearing assessments to the La Trobe community and clinical placement experience to students

The La Trobe Audiology Clinic provides high quality hearing assessments to the La Trobe community and gives Audiology students essential clinical placement experience.

“The Clinic is the home of placements, simulations, practical exams, kindergarten screenings and hearing assessments,” explains Manager, Renee Garuccio. “It serves the La Trobe community and provides our Master of Clinical Audiology students with practical workplace experience.”

The Clinic features a research laboratory and full suite of equipment – including audiometers, tympanometers, and vestibular and hearing aid equipment – to assess hearing and balance, ear health, auditory processing and to fit hearing aids.

Audiology students work under the guidance of experienced clinicians, giving them the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

“The Clinic equips our students with the competencies they need for safe and effective practice,” says Garuccio. “We train them to become good communicators and ensure their contribution is grounded in contemporary practice.”

Evita Elango, who is in her final year of the Master of Clinical Audiology, recently completed a placement in the Clinic.

“During my time in the Clinic, I developed the technical and soft skills that are essential for professional practice,” she says. “I honed my active listening skills, for example, to better understand my patients’ needs and work with them to achieve good outcomes.”

“I feel prepared and confident to work in a clinical setting. I have a greater understanding of the healthcare environment and workplace expectations. And, I am looking forward to graduating and providing best care to patients.”

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