How hosting a student placement can benefit the workplace

Work-based learning (WBL), or as you may often hear it referred to as ‘placements’ or ‘internships’, is a program offered by La Trobe where current students are hosted by a business and are given duties and professional tasks to complete relevant to their degree.

Students can come from many different areas with translatable roles and skills to the workplace like, business, accounting, supply chain, engineering, food science, biomedical, public health, media & communications, digital marketing and more. They then typically complete between 100 to 240 hours of work within a business for their placement.

The program is designed as industry-led experience, where the student will complete activities as designed by the workplace to help deliver professional tasks while acquiring practical and work-relevant skills.

Placements create a mutually beneficial partnership between business and student, by broadening students understanding of job opportunities, and helping to create the work-ready graduates of future workforce.

Our industry partners benefit from hosting a student in several ways:

  1. By connecting with top talent and next-generation future workforce to bring new thinking and perspectives to business
  2. Building a talent pipeline familiar with your workplace culture through access to La Trobe’s 32,000 student network
  3. Providing existing staff, the opportunity to learn mentoring and management skills
  4. Developing a partnership with La Trobe that provides access to our ecosystem of research, training and education, co-location, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  5. Adding value through participation in research projects relevant to your organisation

La Trobe seeks to deliver sustainable, diverse and scalable work-based learning opportunities to embed industry experience within our student’s education. If you’d like to know more on work-based learning, please contact our Business Development Education team on

La Trobe Industry contact: Hope Terdich,