CSIRO Scholarship for LIMS PhD

Trey Guest, a La Trobe University PhD candidate within La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS), has been awarded the 2022 CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics for research work at the European XFEL.

The CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, awards the physics scholarship to just one outstanding young physicist each year. The scholarship helps connect Australia’s brightest young physicists and mathematicians to leading research centres around the world.

Trey will begin his nine month internship at European XFEL (Hamburg, Germany) later this month.

A joint arrangement between La Trobe University and European XFEL sees Trey Guest supervised for the duration of his PhD by LIMS Professor Brian Abbey in Melbourne and Professor Adrian Mancuso, Leading Scientist at the SPB/SFX experiment station in Hamburg.

According to Professor Abbey, ‘This partnership helps us develop world leading training programs for graduate students.

‘And it will provide enormous opportunities to Trey – both in his area of wavefront characterisation of the X-ray Free Electron Laser but also in the development of a network of scientists that will become integral to his future career.’

LIMS Director, Professor Patrick Humbert, said ‘The partnership between LIMS and European XFEL is a fantastic example of how the high impact research carried out at LIMS generates collaborations and partnerships across the globe.’

“The broader collaboration with La Trobe University, of which Trey’s research is a great example, is a valuable asset to developments here at European XFEL,” says Professor Adrian Mancuso.

The CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics will be awarded to Trey Guest in an online event hosted by the CSIRO on Wednesday, 23 March. More information and registrations.