ARC Future Fellowship 2022

La Trobe University physicist, Dr Nadia Zatsepin, has been named a recipient of a 2022 ARC Future Fellowship. The fellowship will support Dr Zatsepin in her quest to find new ways to circumvent antimicrobial resistance.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) name antibiotic resistance as one of the biggest threats to global health, food security and development. It is an issue that needs immediate attention.

LIMS based Dr Zatsepin, in collaboration with Associate Professor Begoña Heras’ lab, will use X-ray crystallography to uncover the molecular structure and dynamics of a bacterial enzyme responsible for protein folding in bacteria.

‘I expect to generate knowledge that can guide development of a new type of antibacterial, one that is not subject to antibiotic resistance,’ said Dr Zatsepin.

It is hoped that outcomes from this project will bring new capabilities to the Australian Synchrotron and ultimately provide powerful tools for the structural biology community.

‘The project Nadia will undertake lies at the challenging interface of Physics and Biochemistry and will generate fundamentally new knowledge in X-ray science. I am delighted to congratulate Nadia on her ARC Future Fellowship,’ said LIMS Deputy Director, Professor Brian Abbey

'Dr Zatsepin is an X-ray physicist at LIMS. Associate Professor Heras is a structural biologist. This project is a great example of the cross-discipline collaboration occurring at LIMS,' said Professor Abbey.