Postgraduate pathway for medical imaging nurses

Our new Master of Nursing (Medical Imaging) specialisation will build the knowledge and skillsets of nurses who work in medical imaging

La Trobe University’s new Master of Nursing (Medical Imaging) specialisation will build the knowledge and skillsets of nurses who work in medical imaging.

Medical imaging includes radiology and nuclear medicine, and is used by healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat a range of diseases. Medical imaging nurses play a key role in patient care by providing assessment, procedural preparation and assistance, patient monitoring and education.

Our new Master of Nursing (Medical Imaging) specialisation is the first postgraduate nursing course in Australia to formally recognise the medical imaging nursing specialty. Associate Professor Karen Lawrence, Director of La Trobe’s Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School, says “this new stream will provide specialist training for medical imaging nurses, to further develop the skills needed to provide safe and effective patient care in medical imaging”.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital supported the development of the new medical imaging subject for this stream.

Nathan Senkowski, an Associate Nurse Unit Manager in Medical Imaging at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, is one of the students studying in this new stream. “I’m excited that there’s something tailored to what we do in medical imaging,” Senkowski says.

“Every day in medical imaging is different,” he explains. “You never know who will walk through the door, so you need broad knowledge. You might be helping a claustrophobic patient one minute and assisting during a medical procedure the next. Now there is a postgraduate qualification that recognises our unique skillset and enables further career development.”

Senkowksi is completing his first semester. “I understand more about how to care for more complex patients and can better identify potential issues,” he says. “It’s giving me more confidence in my work and decision making.”

“I enjoy working as a medical imaging nurse and this degree will better position me to enhance my nursing career. I would like to work towards a more senior role, like management, and help to improve care efficiency and effectiveness. That’s what medical imaging nurses are all about – advocating for patients and patient-centred care.”

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