PhD to improve human service delivery in regional Victoria

La Trobe University and FamilyCare are collaborating on a PhD project that aims to improve outcomes for clients of regional human service organisations.

The three-year project is focused on implementing data platforms and evaluation tools that support evidence informed practice.  The PhD candidate will analyse data on FamilyCare’s activity levels and contribute to developing a data platform that reports accurately, and in real time, on client activities, outcomes and feedback.  The successful candidate will receive a scholarship to the value of $28,597 per year.

Dr Corina Modderman, Lecturer in Social Work, says the project came about because of the strong relationship between FamilyCare and Social Work staff at La Trobe’s Shepparton Campus.

“Both organisations work closely together on field education for students and innovative pilots to produce a more sustainable workforce in Greater Shepparton.

“This PhD project is investigating various software packages that all collect different information about activities at FamilyCare.  Currently FamilyCare collects data, but how that translates to frontline staff and contributes to good outcomes for their clients, is what the PhD candidate will be looking at.

“It’s an exciting project that will suit applicants with a background in epidemiology, psychology, sociology or social work, who have a strong affinity for quantitative research methods.”

David Tennant, CEO at FamilyCare, says securing a La Trobe PhD candidate to solve this industry challenge, is going to have great outcomes for vulnerable people in the community.

“We all know how important evidence is. It is not just a theoretical concept but a practical way to understand how effective our services are and to continuously strive to make those services better.

“The project will enhance our work at FamilyCare and allow us to share the outcomes with colleagues in our community and region.”

David Tennant also acknowledged the PhD has received significant support from local philanthropist Vaughan Bradshaw and his family.

“FamilyCare appreciates the support we receive from our local community and we are delighted that the successful candidate will be referred to as the ‘Bradshaw Family Research Initiative.’ Our thanks to Vaughan and his family for their long-term support of FamilyCare’s activities.”

Visit the link to apply; Developing data collection platforms to enhance human services delivery – The Bradshaw Family Research Initiative, FamilyCare, Shepparton

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