Meet Tina Huynh

Tina Huynh is in her second year of our Bachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of Commerce degree

Tina Huynh is in her second year of our Bachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of Commerce degree.

“Since childhood, I would follow my father to electronics stores. I was fascinated and enjoyed how passionate my father became as he introduced me to new technology. As I grew, so did my interest in technology. However, I was uncertain about joining a male-dominated field.

Unsure about my future career, I began to explore different pathways and universities. I met La Trobe students on Open Days and they inspired me to join their inclusive and energetic community. I started in science and business during my first year of study at La Trobe where I discovered La Trobe’s Bachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of Commerce degree.

The degree excited me and my passion for technology returned. With the encouragement from my family and friends to break gender stereotypes and pursue my interests, I built up the confidence to transfer courses and I am elated to have done so.

La Trobe is a diverse and inclusive community where I feel supported by the course coordinator, subject coordinators, lecturers, tutors, and peers to build on relationships and connections. I have had the opportunity to interact with innovative students and respectful mentors who have helped to build my confidence and public speaking skills.

Every day feels like a new adventure. I am always anticipating new learning and working experiences. As I continue to study this double degree, I look forward to joining the workforce when I graduate. I will strive to implement my skills and knowledge, obtained throughout my education, within a working community to create more secure systems, whilst continuing to expand my knowledge of technology and business.”

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