La Trobe Sport announces ‘Return to Sport and Recreation Guidelines’ ahead of Wednesday June 24 reopening

La Trobe Sport is pleased to announce it will be reopening its sport and recreation facilities on Wednesday June 24.

With the easing of government restrictions, the University has provided approval for the following facilities to reopen with reduced opening hours:

  • La Trobe Sports Stadium
  • La Trobe Sports Centre (including the gym, pool and specialty studios)

In conjunction with the University, La Trobe Sport has been closely monitoring the situation and working towards a phased return of activities through a careful COVIDSafe process which complies with government health and safety requirements.

La Trobe Sport staff have worked extremely hard to ensure that we will be providing the safest environment possible for our community upon the reopening of our facilities. We are asking all of our members and customers to consult our Return to Sport and Recreation Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to ensure they are aware of the temporary new processes we have put in place before attending our facilities.

If you currently reside in one of the postcodes announced by the Victorian Government on June 30 as part of the return to Stage 3 Stay at Home restrictionswe are asking that you please refrain from attending our facilities while these restrictions remain in place (until 29th July). This includes all facilities located within the La Trobe Sports Park (fields and Sports Stadium) and the La Trobe Sports Centre (gym, pool, specialty studios etc.).

La Trobe Sport would like to thank all of our valued members and customers for your ongoing patience throughout this period, and we appreciate your understanding and compliance towards our new processes while restrictions remain in place.

Should you have any other questions that are not covered in our FAQ section, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email ( or over the phone (9479 2973).

Stay tuned to the latest updates regarding the reopening of our programs and facilities via the La Trobe Sport website and our Facebook and Instagram channels.

Return to Sport and Recreation Guidelines

  • Adhere to density measures: There will be a maximum of 20 people per space or zone at our facilities, with up to 10 people per group activity or class. Each individual sporting activity should comply with their relevant sporting body guidelines. There are no limits on the number of people per group or class if all participants are 18 years old or younger.
  • Keep your distance: All customers must abide by all physical distancing and circulation signage and requirements.
  • Bring a water bottle:Water fountains will not be made accessible to drink from. Water fountains will only be accessible for those who wish to fill up their water bottles. Water will be available for purchase at both facilities.
  • No Towel = No Training: We will be enforcing a STRICT no towel, no training policy. If you forget your towel, you can purchase one at reception.
  • Not feeling 100%?: Please stay at home for the health and safety of our community. Your gains can wait an extra day or two until you’re fully fit and healthy to return.
  • Change rooms and showers:
    • Sports Centre – Limited shower & change room access will be available with some areas restricted to ensure we comply with social distancing requirements.
    • Sports Park – Courtside change rooms in the Sports Stadium will remain closed and all users must utilise the toilet facilities in the reception corridor. Come prepared to train.

  • No cash payments: All casual bookings and visitors to La Trobe Sport facilities are to pay prior to access and/or the booking start date and time. Payments can be processed by any one of the following options:
    • Payments can be made by contacting La Trobe Sport on 9479 2973 and finalising payment with credit card over the phone.
    • Visiting the Sports Centre or Sports Stadium reception desk and making a cashless payment over the counter
    • User groups with existing accounts will be invoiced as per usual.
  • Sign in and out each visit: Each individual attending the La Trobe Sport facilities will need to register their attendance as per Victorian Government direction.
    • Membership and Visit Pass Holders – all membership holders and visit pass holders must self-scan in and out at reception when they arrive.
    • Casual visitors – all casual visitors using to the La Trobe Sports Centre and La Trobe Sports Stadium who have not registered with La Trobe Sport previously will be required to complete the Sports Casual Visit Form. This only needs to be completed once as a customer profile will be created in our client data base. Please come prepared with a completed application form available to download and print.
    • Casual Gym, Pool and Group Exercise – come prepared with the Sports Casual Visit Form and pay using EFTPOS over the counter
    • Casual Court and Field - must register all visits via
    • Groups and individuals – will be able to register their members visits via  La Trobe Sport has introduced this program to meet the compliance obligations of tracking visitors to its facilities. Registering is simple and free.
  • Your safety is important to us: To meet the state government’s new guidelines, we’ve had to make some changes to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Please read through our updated Access and Usage Terms and Conditions to ensure you are aware of these prior to visiting our facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. When are the indoor sporting facilities opening?

The indoor facilities will be opening with reduced opening hours from Wednesday June 24.

2. Is it safe for me to come and use the La Trobe Sport facilities?

We are implementing a range of new measures to help keep you safe during your visit:

  • We will have physical distancing signage throughout our facilities to help you keep your distance with staff and other customers.
  • We’re educating our staff about physical distancing to ensure that they can enforce these measures.
  • We will always follow capacity regulations from the Victorian State Government.
  • We will be conducting regular cleaning of high contact surfaces throughout the day and overnight.
  • We will have sanitiser and wipe stations throughout our centres for you to use.

3. If I am coming in casually, do I have to give you my contact details?

Yes. All casual visitors to the Sports Centre and Sports Stadium who have not registered with La Trobe Sport previously will be required to complete the Sports Casual Visit Form. This only needs to be completed once as a customer profile will be created in our client data base. Come prepared with a completed application form available to download and print.

4. Can I pay with cash?

No. We will be cashless at both the Sports Park and Sports Centre for the foreseeable future.

5. Can I pay over the phone if I am not comfortable speaking face-to-face with staff?

Yes. You are welcome to call our reception on 9479 2924 to book and pay over the phone.

6. Is there anything special I must do to use the facilities due to the COVID-19 crisis?

Yes. Everyone attending the Sports Park Fields, Sports Stadium and Sports Centre will need to register each visit via Visitance. La Trobe Sport has introduced this program to meet the compliance obligations of tracking visitors to its facilities. This is done via scanning a QR code that will be present at the entrance of all facilities. A La Trobe Sport staff member will accept you into the facility and will be able to provide help if you’re unsure on how to sign in properly.

7. Is there a limit to the number of people that can use the facilities at any one time?

Yes, there is a limit to the number of people using the facilities. Outdoor facilities are restricted to no more than 40 individuals, including support staff members, such as coaches, trainers or other relevant officials. The indoor facilities have a capped attendance of 20 people per space or zone, with up to 10 people per group class. Each individual sporting activity will comply with their relevant sporting body guidelines.

8. How did La Trobe Sport come up with their list of safety measures for a return to activity amid the COVID-19 pandemic including the decision on how many people can use a space at a single time?

All safety measures imposed by La Trobe Sport are in line with the Federal and State Governments imposed restrictions, including those outlined by Sport & Recreation Victoria.

In addition to this, La Trobe Sport has leveraged the resources and best practice recommendations handed down by industry bodies such as Fitness Australia and Royal Life Saving Australia, as well as individual sporting bodies to determine the safest possible operating procedures for all patrons and staff.

As result the following capacities have been imposed per area:






          20 (10 per group fitness exercise class)

Indoor (Basketball/Netball) Court


Pool Area

               20 (Three persons per lane)

Zen Den


Core Cave (Pilates Studio)


Squash Court


Table Tennis Area


Tony Sheehan Oval (Australian Rules Oval)

                 20 (people per area, 40 in total)

Soccer Pitch

                 20 (people per area, 40 in total)

Baseball Diamond

                 20 (people per area, 40 in total)

All other areas abide by the requirements for four square metres per person, with a limit of 20 persons per area as well as adhering to general social distancing requirements (i.e. 1.5m distancing).

9. Are there additional measures or documentation required when making a group booking with La Trobe Sport?

The above updated Access and Usage Terms and Conditions provides a summary of the requirements for group bookings.

La Trobe Sport places emphasis on ensuring:

  • Social distancing is adhered to and all activity is non-contact.
  • Contact details for all users is recorded using ‘Visitance’ software.
  • There is no breach of capacity restrictions.

10. Will there be a time limit for how long I can stay and use the pool/gym?

At this stage we are not placing limits on how long you can train, however in the interest of safety and in respect to other users, we strongly recommend restricting the duration of training sessions to no more than one hour.

11. Can I book in for a gym session or swim? How will I know if capacities have already been reached?

No, initially we expect demand will not exceed our legal capacities. Despite this, we strongly recommend calling the centre ahead of time on 9479 2973 to get a better picture on current occupancy as well as any future bookings. This decision will be revisited should it be required.

12. What if I turn up and you are at capacity?

We advise that you book in advance for court and field bookings to avoid disappointment. For our pool and gym, please ensure you give us a call on 9479 2973 prior to coming in.

13. Is equipment being cleaned/sanitised?

Over the lock down period, all equipment within the sport facilities has been cleaned and sanitised. We will be advising and monitoring patrons to ensure they clean each piece of equipment pre and post use to keep yourself and the others around you safe.

14. Are we still required to social distance?

Yes, the social distancing requirements of 1.5m in between individuals should always be adhered to.

15. Are we allowed to share equipment?

Use of shared sporting equipment should be minimised and there should be no sharing of equipment that touches the face or head.

16. Are we able to hire equipment?

Access to equipment that has been agreed to in the booking agreements will be made available during booking times and controlled by LTU Sports Park Supervisors.

17. Will bathrooms be available?


18. Are parents allowed to sit and watch their children train?

Bookings are to be held in a spectator-free environment with the minimum support staff available to support delivery.

19. Will there be any ‘special consideration’ for facility hire or memberships with revised capacity restrictions?

No. We are confident that the pricing for our state-of-the-art sporting facilities is already extremely competitive in relation to the market. Whilst we understand that there are limitations on some activities, there are also additional costs involved operating within this environment.

In regards to memberships, we will be contacting each membership group to advise what we think the best outcome will be for all of our customers.

20. What should I do if I start feel unwell after working out in one of your facilities?

Any persons showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling sick and unwell with flu like symptoms should stay home and seek assistance from the 24-hour Coronavirus hotline 1800 675 398. In addition, La Trobe Sport should be contacted on 9479 2973 and briefed on the circumstances.

All patrons who have had ‘close contact’ to a person diagnosed with COVID-19 will be contacted and are recommended to stay home and seek assistance from the 24-hour Coronavirus Hotline 1800 675 398. The likely result will mean a person will be tested.

21. I am feeling unwell, can I still come in to use your facilities?

For the safety of others, if you are feeling unwell please stay home. Your training can resume once you feel better.

22. How do we manage First Aid incidents during our sessions?

  • Wear appropriate PPE (surgical gloves, face shield/protective eyewear and face mask).
  • Assess personal safety using DRABCD and respond to treatment accordingly.
  • Post treatment administration of incident reporting to be submitted through the Sports Park Supervisor and logged through the University reporting system.

23. What happens if someone from La Trobe/someone who used the facility at the same time as I get COVID-19?

The purpose of Visitance is so that we have details of all users who can be contacted in the circumstance of a positive case of COVID-19.

24. Does La Trobe Sport have a process IF there is a suspected COVID-19 case?

  • Isolate the person from others
  • Inform national COVID-19 Hotline and follow advice of health officials
  • Inform La Trobe University Health, Safety & Environment Team
  • Ensure the person has transport to their home or medical facility
  • Close, clean and disinfect all areas the person was working and may have been
  • Identify all individuals who had close contact with the individual for the previous 24 hours, send home to isolate
  • Clean all areas where those in close contact had been
  • Review risk management controls and update employees and community


1. My membership has been reactivated but I still don't feel comfortable coming into the facilities. Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

No. La Trobe Sport suspended all memberships free of charge during the closure, so our customers have not lost any training days (in fact, we added free online fitness classes and hope you took advantage of this). The only membership holders eligible for a refund are Living at La Trobe membership holders (see further details below).

If you wish to extend the suspension of your membership, you can do so by contacting

2. I purchased an Living at La Trobe membership in early 2020, can I receive a refund?

This membership type is the only membership type we will be offering refunds for. The refund amount will be a pro-rata refund from initial purchase date to our closure date in March 2020. Please contact our team on to organise your refund, and we hope to see you back in 2021!

3. I will be living on campus in Semester 2, 2020 and don’t currently have a membership – can I purchase a membership?

Yes. We will be offering the same membership offer for 6-month Living at La Trobe students in Semester 2, 2020.

For all Living at La Trobe memberships enquiries, please contact the La Trobe Sport team on


1. What has La Trobe Sport implemented to keep me safe while I train?

We have implemented several new procedures to ensure your safety while at La Trobe Sport facilities. Our staff will be regularly cleaning our equipment and high-use areas, each studio will be cleaned before and after each use and our communal areas (Gym and Strong Zone) will be regularly sanitised by our gym instructors.

Our team will also be monitoring members to ensure physical distancing is adhered to and staying home if they feel unwell to help keep you safe.

2. Do I need to wear a face mask in any classes or on the gym floor?

No, although you are welcome to wear a mask if you would prefer to. We will not be enforcing the wearing of masks, as the Australian Government Department of Health has not recommended the use of these, as well as ensuring you are able to breath freely in our facilities. If you are sick, please stay home.

3. Do I need to wear socks in Reformer Pilates or Yoga classes?

No, although you are welcome to wear socks in our Reformer Pilates classes. If you do choose to wear socks, please only wear socks with grips to ensure your safety.

4. Can I book in for a Fitness Assessment?

We will not be conducting any Fitness Assessments or Gym Program bookings for the first fortnight upon reopening our facilities. This is to ensure our staff are all briefed on our new policies and procedures and ensuring that we can make our assessments even better in the future. We will be offering new assessments online and functional movement screenings soon.

5. I would like someone to help me with my training and keeping healthy, can I still book personal training sessions?

Yes, you absolutely can! Please fill out our online Personal Training and Fitness Challenges form and a member of our team will be in contact to get you started.

6. I don’t feel comfortable coming into La Trobe Sport facilities yet, can I still join the health and fitness community online?

We will still be running online class offerings! Keep up to date on our social media channels or contact our team on for more information

7. Will online classes offered be free of charge?

We have loved offering our health and fitness community free classes since our closure in March, and as we move forward our online class offerings will be available for pre-paying customers.

8. Why should I stay physically active right now? I don’t have time to come into the gym.

As we’ve spent more time at home, it’s easy to get into a routine of working and limiting our incidental exercise (walking from meetings, to class, upstairs). Regular physical activity is great for both your mental and physical health, including benefits in reducing the risk of several health conditions, like stroke and heart disease. It helps you to reduce stress and anxiety, improving your sleep and controlling weight.

Start with an achievable exercise plan – including one or two walks a week and progress from there. The team at La Trobe Sport are here to assist you online and in-person when you are ready to start weight-training or taking your training to the next level.


1. What has La Trobe Sport implemented to keep my safe while I train?

We have implemented several new procedures to ensure your safety while at La Trobe Sport facilities. Our cleaning schedule has been increased, especially for frequently touched items, like door handles and handrails.

2. Will equipment still be available for use or do I need to bring my own?

We highly recommend you bring your own equipment as it will significantly reduce the risk of transmission. Some items will be available for use, such as buoyancy belts, kick boards and pull buoys. These items will be a single use only and so may be in short supply due to the need to disinfect shared equipment.

3. How do the capacity restrictions affect the pool area?

The pool has a maximum capacity of 20 people and has a lane limit on three people per lane. We ask that patrons pay attention to the lane speed signs when attending to reduce instances of passing.

If a group is hiring the pool facilities, the 20 person capacity refers to the participants and does not include coaches or trainers if they are leading the training/activity from the edge of the pool. If the coach or trainer is also in the water, they will be included in the 20 person count.

4. Will the current restrictions affect lane availability?

Lane availability will be limited when there are small groups in the facilities due to the requirement of a lanes distance between the group and other patrons. This will also be in effect when our programs resume. For information on our programs please see the Community Programs section of the FAQs.

If there are larger groups booked the pool may be closed for the duration of the booking. Please check the lap lane availability on our website or call reception before attending.

5. What are my obligations when attending the facility?

La Trobe Sport asks that you come prepared for your swim and return home or to your workplace change facilities after your swim. Limited change and shower facilities will be available for use due to physical distancing requirements so you may need to wait for a shower.

We also ask that you follow any directives you receive from our on-deck staff, either lifeguards or swimming teachers. They have been trained in our risk mitigation measures and are providing additional services to ensure all of our patrons and staff remain safe.

6. Can I hire a single lane to ensure I can still swim?

Due to the requirements for a clear barrier between groups and other swimmers, we are not able to offer single lane hire. Please contact La Trobe Sport's Aquatics and Community Program Coordinator Alistair Davis to discuss any booking requirements.


1. When will your children’s programs resume for 2020?

  • Learn to Swim with La Trobe Sport - This program is scheduled to resume at the start of term 3. The Aquatics and Community Programs Officer will be in contact with all our previous enrolees with details on how to re-enrol for term 3. If you are looking to enrol for the first time, you can fill in the Learn 2 Swim online enquiry form or call our reception staff (9479 2973) for more information.
  • Sports Spectaculars - We are unable to offer the Sports Spectacular program in the upcoming July School holidays due to restrictions on equipment sharing between children/participants. We are planning for this program to return for the September/October school holiday period.
  • Active Kidz Birthday Parties - The Birthday Party program is unable to resume until restrictions are eased further. With restrictions on how many people that can be seated at the same table, we are unable to offer this service. We are hopeful that further announcements throughout July will allow this program to resume.

There may be reduced availability when this program resumes. If you are interested in hosting a party with us, please fill in a Birthday Parties online enquiry form so that we can inform you of your options when restrictions are reduced.

  • Social Sport - The social sport program is set to resume in Semester 2. The Sports available are Open Volleyball (Monday), Mixed Netball (Tuesday), Mixed Futsal (Wednesday) and Mixed Basketball (Thursday). The Open Tennis competitions will be available on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays.

Pending the return of limited contact sports, the season is scheduled to start from August 17. Team entries are being accepted through our online Social Sport team entry form.

2. Am I allowed to enter the water during my child’s swimming lessons?

No. The DHHS has confirmed that swimming teachers can be in physical contact with children as required for teaching swimming.

If your child would like to swim before or after their lesson, you will be required to abide by the supervision regulations determined by their age and as such may be required to be in the water with them.