Discover new daily health and wellbeing tips with La Trobe Sport

Looking to stay on top of your health and fitness during the lock down period? La Trobe Sport’s Health and Fitness team are here to help motivate you to keep moving through daily health and wellbeing tips.

As part of La Trobe Sport’s ‘Lock Down with LTS’ campaign, the Health and Fitness Team have accumulated a series of daily health and wellbeing tips and strategies to help keep you motivated during isolation.

We all know the importance of being active but, it can be hard to find the motivation to do so when we are limited to the interaction we can have with the outdoors. La Trobe Sport’s health and fitness tips are aimed to educate you on different ways you can move around as well as teaching you the importance to pay attention to wellbeing concerns that you may not have done for yourself before.

Each day you can expect to see a variety of health and fitness tips to inform you on the importance of mobility, developing stability in your body, and the connection between the body and the mind.

The tips have been designed to be implemented easily into your every day life and to compliment the Team La Trobe Campus to Campus Walk & Run Challenge beginning on Tuesday July 28.

Stay turned on the La Trobe Sport Facebook and Instagram channels as we share the educational tips and strategies to keep your health and wellbeing in tip-top shape.