Back to Basics: Using the Library Online

Studying from home can throw up its challenges. Although you are home, you are not alone! The Library has several fantastic online resources that you can access to get your study done.

Online support

The library has you covered for online support and has created a web page to keep you up to date with changes in services, links to key resources, online classes and help with your assessments. We’re here to help.

Referencing tool

Referencing can be a frustrating task at times; however, it is integral to your study success. Your lecturers and teachers need to confirm the sources of the information you use in your assignments. The referencing tool makes referencing easy. It’s as simple as selecting your referencing style, resource type and format to see clear examples of how to reference. If you have questions about referencing, sign up for one of our online classes.

Assessment planner

If your classes’ due dates have been changed, now is the perfect time to use the Library’s Assessment Planner. The planner is a fantastic tool to help you manage your assessment tasks.

All you need to do is enter your start date, due date and subject code. The planner will generate milestones and a step-by-step plan to get your assignment finished on time.

Searching the online Library

The library has more than one million e-books available online. We can make finding that book or resource simple using our finding information tutorials.

Web links