Research in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is recognised nationally and internationally for its research in statistics, applied mathematics and pure mathematics.

The Australian Research Council’s Excellence in Research for Australia ranks our mathematical sciences research as well above world standard.

Our researchers collaborate with scientists in health, psychology, engineering and computing to form multi-disciplinary teams that improve human health and wellbeing, and advance the technologies of the future.

Current and former academics have been awarded Australian Research Council Discovery Project funding, Early Career Fellowships, Future Fellowships, a Discovery Outstanding Research Award Fellowship and National Health and Medical Research Council funding.

We also have a strong record of supervising Higher Degree by Research students.

Our research supports La Trobe’s five research themes: Sustainable food and agriculture; Resilient environments and communities; Healthy people, families and communities; Understanding and preventing disease; and Social change and equity.

Research areas

Our researchers specialise in fundamental and applied research to create innovative and practical solutions.

Our research is grouped into three key areas:

Our researchers develop new statistical and data science methodologies that contribute to improved modelling and inference of data in areas from the health and medical sciences, to economics and engineering. We have received competitive grant funding to support research that improves statistical methods, or to work collaboratively with other disciplines in health, psychology and education.

Ranging from epidemiology and infectious diseases to integrable systems, the Department’s interests in applied mathematics have immediate applications to the world around us – while also making fundamental contributions. International collaboration in this area is particularly strong. Our Department partners with Kyushu University (Japan) and host the Australia branch of Kyushu’s Institute of Mathematics for Industry.

Number theory, geometry, algebra, logic, and graph theory are the main foci of pure mathematics in the Department. While our researchers are primarily interested in how mathematics itself works, we also collaborate across disciplines, particularly in computer science. Major projects on number theory and geometry have received funding from the Australian Research Council.

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La Trobe University hosts a vibrant and supportive community of research and teaching across the mathematical sciences. We deliver rigorous systematic toolkits and models that provide insight into, and predict, the world around us.

Associate Professor Marcel Jackson
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Feature stories

Our researchers specialise in both pure and applied mathematics.

Statistical success

Statistical success

Professor Luke Prendergast provides biostatistics expertise to projects that are transforming our health and wellbeing.

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COVID-19 response

COVID-19 response

Mathematical modelling is informing COVD-19 reponse in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Disease modelling

Disease modelling

Dr Rebecca Chisholm investigates the control of infectious diseases, with a focus on rheumatic heart disease.

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