The Institute's research agenda is supported by a state-of-the-art facility where scientists from different disciplines work together in well equipped, shared work-spaces to achieve research outcomes that would not be possible in traditional academic settings.

LIMS has in-house facilities for bioinformatics, flow cytometry, microscopy, genomics, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), and mass spectrometry. It additionally houses inductively coupled plasma (ICP) equipment, atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS), X-Ray diffractometer, crystallography, and laser research.

Comprehensive Proteomics Platform

The La Trobe Comprehensive Proteomics Platform offers a suite of synergistic capabilities for the characterisation of proteins of interest to academic and industry researchers in the agricultural, health, life, molecular, pharmaceutical, population, and psychological sciences.

Centre for Materials and Surface Science

The Centre for Materials and Surface Science offers Australia’s most comprehensive suite of Surface Science and Surface Analysis equipment.

LIMS Bioimaging Facility

LIMS Bioimaging facility offers researchers access to a complementary range of high performance confocal and conventional widefield microscopes for optical imaging of live cell dynamics and most fixed biological specimens.

LIMS Flow Cytometry Facility

Flow cytometry is a sensitive technology used for analysis or physical collection of fluorescently labelled cells.

LIMS Histology Facility

The LIMS Histology Facility offers a suite of precision instruments for high quality specimen preparation and sectioning.