It is University policy that all legal work must come to Legal Services. The General Counsel, Legal & Governance, in consultation with the client, will determine whether the work is to be done by the Office itself or through the use of an external legal firm where specialist knowledge is required.

Our services

Legal Services provides advice in a wide range of issues including:

  • draft, review and negotiate contracts in which the University has an interest
  • interpret legislation and draft University statutes and regulations
  • provide legal advice on University matters, including equity and access, lease and conveyancing, privacy, ICT, competition and consumer law and legislative compliance issues
  • conduct litigation on behalf of the University
  • advise on legal and contract issues relating to University grant, research and consultancy projects
  • provide legal advice on University intellectual property, including copyright, trade marks, inventions and commercialisation
  • facilitate signing of contracts by senior University personnel

University staff can now access further information on the above or download template agreements and checklists by visiting the Legal Services area of the Intranet site.

Equitable Briefing practices

La Trobe University Legal Services supports measures to improve the retention of women barristers and utilises equitable briefing practices. Equitable briefing practices maximises choice for the University, promotes the full use of the independent bar and optimises opportunities for practice development for all barristers. Legal Services will always give genuine consideration to women barristers based on their skill, experience, expertise and interest. We encourage our external legal providers to also engage in equitable briefing practices.

Personal advice

Legal Services does not provide personal legal advice to staff or students of the University. For advice about personal matters, please contact a personal lawyer or local community legal service.

Student advice

La Trobe Student Association offers a legal service for students with details at: The Law Institute of Victoria also provides a Find a Lawyer service through its website at: