Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a fundamental principle in teaching, learning, research and scholarship. At La Trobe the promotion and assurance of Academic Integrity is a shared responsibility for all staff and students.

The Academic Integrity Intranet (staff only) page contains information on:

  • your responsibilities and adhering to Academic Integrity in your role as a La Trobe Staff member
  • how to educate your students about Academic Integrity, recommended areas to consider and how to develop student's skills in their studies
  • what kind of cheat sites are available to students and how to identify work from a cheat site
  • identifying when and how to report academic misconduct
  • the responsibilities of staff with specific roles in investigating student academic misconduct.

You are responsible for teaching your students appropriate research, scholarship and acknowledgment practices, in ways that take into consideration their diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, in order to develop their Academic Integrity skills. Review the Student Academic Misconduct Policy and Academic Integrity Statute to ensure you are compliant.

Academic Integrity Module

The Academic Integrity Module (AIM) is mandatory for all commencing students. You can find out what is covered in the student-facing AIM by participating in the AIM staff self-enrol version [staff login required].

The staff-facing AIM module covers your Academic Integrity responsibilities. It also provides strategies you can use to teach students how to acknowledge properly and avoid plagiarism.

Need more information?

Visit the Academic Integrity Intranet page (staff only) to find out about your academic integrity responsibilities and discover strategies you can use to teach students how to acknowledge properly and avoid plagiarism.

For more information contact Academic Integrity.