Our Research and Publications

Our research and publications

Our research and publications

Our research on gender-based violence aims to strengthen the evidence-base to support policy and interventions that keep everyone safe from violence. Our research covers a breadth of multi-disciplinary and methodological research expertise, with members coming from a broad range of disciplines including:

  • social work
  • public health
  • criminology
  • nursing and midwifery
  • languages and linguistics
  • law
  • planning

Our research expertise includes conducting randomised controlled trials, population surveys, process evaluations and systematic reviews. Our qualitative researchers have expertise in conducting ethnographic research, phenomenology, grounded theory, discourse analysis, and case study analysis.

Current projects

Current projects

Identifying and responding to sexual harassment and unwelcome sexual behaviour in licensed live music venues: Pilot program evaluation

Dr Robyn Dwyer, Dr Sarah Callinan, Dr Amy Pennay, Dr Michael Livingston, Prof. Robin Room. Funded by Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing, Victorian Department of Justice & Regulation

Contact: Robyn Dwyer R.Dwyer@latrobe.edu.au
Ph: 03 9479 8791
Gendered hate speech in Australian law Laura Griffin, Nicole Shackleton, Tanya D'Souza, Danielle Walt Contact: Laura Griffin  L.Griffin@latrobe.edu.au ph: Ph: 03 9479 5891
Developing a priority-driven research agenda on alcohol-related violence against women Ingrid Wilson, Angela Taft, Sandra Kuntsche, Anne-Marie Laslett
Funded by VicHealth          
Contact: Ingrid Wilson I.Wilson@latrobe.edu.au
Ph: 03 9479 6288
Tackling alcohol-related family violence: A multidisciplinary research program to build strategies to prevent and reduce domestic violence Angela Taft, Ingrid Wilson,Robin Room, Anne-Marie Laslett, Sarah MacLean, Michael Livingston, LTU
Kate Graham, Canada
Gail Gilchrist, Kings College, UK
Ingrid Wilson I.Wilson@latrobe.edu.au
Ph: 03 9479 6288
Leading change on violence against women through the health sector in Timor-Leste Kayli Wild, Angela Taft, Chris Roche, Linda Kelly, Susan McDonald, LTU
Lidia Gomes, Angelina Fernandes, Amina de Araujo, Isabelita Madeira, Livio da Conceicao Matos, UNTL
Kayli Wild
Ph: 03 9479 5701

More information
Domestic and family violence and parenting Rae Kaspiew, Lixia Qu, Ruth Weston, AIFS
Angela Taft, Leesa Hooker, Jan Nicholson, LTU
Cathy Humphreys, Uni Melb
Fiona Buchanan, Uni SA
Leesa Hooker l.hooker@latrobe.edu.au
More information
HARMONY: a cluster randomised controlled trial of a whole of general practice intervention to prevent and reduce domestic violence among migrant and refugee communities Angela Taft, Ann Wilson, Emma Sayers - LTU. Collaborators/Partners: University of Melbourne, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Monash University, University of Bristol, In Touch Multicultural Centre against Family Violence, Office for Multicultural Affairs, Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet and Commonwealth Department of Social Services. Contact:
Ann Wilson

About the pilot study
An investigation of violence against young women in the Bendigo area Leesa Hooker, Karen Anderson, Jacqui Theobald, Paulina Billet, La Trobe Rural Health School and Paula Baron, La Trobe University. Contact:
Leesa Hooker

More information
RECOVER: Reconnecting mothers and children after violence: A child parent psychotherapy pilot. Safer Families CRE. Leesa Hooker, Angela Taft- La Trobe University, Cathy Humphreys, Kelsey Hegarty-University of Melbourne. Harriet MacMillan, McMaster University, Canada.

Contact: Leesa Hooker l.hooker@latrobe.edu.au

More information

Prenatal sex selection in the context of migration to Australia Kristina Edvardsson, La Trobe University. Mary-Ann Davey, Monash University. Anna Axmon, Lund University, Sweden. Rhonda Powell, University of Canterbury, NZ.

Contact: Kristi N A Edvardsson
Ph: 03 8468 0715

PhD projects


Bijaya Pokharel
Developing a sustainable and culturally safe family violence response process for general practices

Brianna Pike
How does reproductive coercion impact victim-survivors’ lives in terms of safety and life circumstances?

Desireé  LaGrappe
Maternal Child Health Nursing: A Golden Opportunity to Integrate Screening and Response for Reproductive Coercion in Australia and Beyond?

Mercy Henry
Exploring the barriers to help-seeking and identifying gaps in the Family Violence support system for South Asian migrant women during the perinatal period

Molly Allen-Leap
What are the healthcare experiences of migrant and refugee victim-survivors when seeking care from primary healthcare providers?


Catina Adams
How does the Enhanced Maternal and Child Health program in Victoria support women experiencing family violence?
conferred, Oct 2022

Mercy Otsin
A mixed methods study of post abortion women and service providers within the Ashanti region of Ghana
conferred, Oct 2021

Beatriz Paulina Ayala Quintanilla
Violence against women, maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity
conferred, July 2019

Alissar El-Murr
Violence against Women Policies in Victoria, Australia: Emergence, Rupture and Continuity of Discourse
conferred, Oct 2017

Rachel Loney-Howes
Being heard, being seen, being believed: The politics of recognition in online anti-rape activism
conferred, Sept 2017

Sonia Reisenhofer
What is the relationship between self-efficacy and position in the stages of change (or other) pathway for women experiencing intimate partner violence?
conferred, May 2017

Heather Wallace
Reproductive health decision-making in Municipio Viqueque, Baucau, Dili and Ermera, Timor-Leste
conferred, September 2019

Ingrid Wilson
Fearing the “changed” man: Women’s experience of alcohol-related intimate partner
conferred, May 2017