Building reference codes


Administration Annexe (Wodonga TAFE)A
David Mann LibraryAW-1
Building 3- TeachingAW-3
Building 3A- Teaching AnnexeAW-3A
Building 4-  AdministrationAW-4
Bookshop/ CafeAW-5A
Building 6- Health SciencesAW-6
Building 8- Nancy F Millis Building (CFE)AW-8
Field StoreAW-FS
Caretakers Residence (Wodonga TAFE)AW-L
Student Amenities - The Hangar (Wodonga TAFE)AW-N
Building D (Wodonga TAFE)D1
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M1
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M10
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M11
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M12
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M2
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M3
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M4
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M5
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M6
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M7
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M8
Student Accomodation (Wodonga TAFE)M9
McFarlanes Hill Residence 1MH1
McFarlanes Hill Residence 2MH2
Student Amenities - The Hangar (Wodonga TAFE)N
Wodonga Dental ClinicWDC


Ann Caudle Centre ACC
Administrative Precinct 1&2 AP1&2
Administrative Precinct 3 AP3
Administrative Precinct 4 AP4
Applied Science 1 AS1
Applied Science 2 AS2
Athletics Pavilion ATHP
Sundry buildings at Bendigo BE-MISC
Buildings and Grounds Bendigo BGB
Business & Technology BUS
Childrens Centre C
Circular Lecture Theatre CLT
Student Residences CR
Computer Centre CSC
Canoe Shed & Stores CSS
Clinical Teaching Building CT
Central Victorian Innovation Park CVIP
Nancy Long Dining Hall DI
Engineering E
Education ED
Graphic Design GDP
Hillside Apartments HA
Hillside Apartments- 1 HA1
Hillside Apartments- 2 HA2
Hillside Apartments- 3 HA3
Hillside Apartments- 4 HA4
Hillside Apartments- 5 HA5
Hillside Apartments- 6 HA6
Health 1 HHS1
La Trobe Rural Health School (LRHS) HHS2
Ironbark Centre IBC
Inflamable Bunker INB
Kilns K
Library and Student Union LSU
McKay Lecture Theare MLT
Orde House ORDE
Bendigo Car Park - 1 P1
Bendigo Car Park- 10 P10
Bendigo Car Park- 11 P11
Bendigo Car Park- 12 P12
Bendigo Car Park- 13 P13
Bendigo Car Park- 14 P14
Bendigo Car Park- 15 P15
Bendigo Car Park- 16 P16
Bendigo Car Park- 17 P17
Bendigo Car Park- 18 P18
Bendigo Car Park- 19 P19
Bendigo Car Park- 2 P2
Bendigo Car Park- 20 P20
Bendigo Car Park- 21 P21
Bendigo Car Park- 22 P22
Bendigo Car Park- 23 P23
Bendigo Car Park- 24 P24
Bendigo Car Park- 25 P25
Bendigo Car Park- 26 P26
Bendigo Car Park- 27 P27
Bendigo Car Park- 28 P28
Bendigo Car Park- 3 P3
Bendigo Car Park- 4 P4
Bendigo Car Park - 4 Temp P4-TMP
Bendigo Car Park- 5A P5A
Bendigo Car Park- 5B P5B
Bendigo Car Park- 6 P6
Bendigo Car Park- 7 P7
Bendigo Car Park- 7A P7A
Bendigo Car Park- 9 P9
Pleasant Vale (Warden's Residence ) PV
The Units- A (1-6) R1-A
The Units- B (7-9) R1-B
The Terraces R2
The Terraces- Terrace 1 R2-1
The Terraces- Terrace 10 R2-10
The Terraces- Terrace11 R2-11
The Terraces- Terrace 12 R2-12
The Terraces- Terrace 13 R2-13
The Terraces- Terrace 14 R2-14
The Terraces- Terrace15 R2-15
The Terraces- Terrace16 R2-16
The Terraces- Terrace 17 R2-17
The Terraces- Terrace 18 R2-18
The Terraces- Terrace 19 R2-19
The Terraces- Terrace 2 R2-2
The Terraces- Terrace 20 R2-20
The Terraces- Terrace 21 R2-21
The Terraces- Terrace 3 R2-3
The Terraces- Terrace 4 R2-4
The Terraces- Terrace 5 R2-5
The Terraces- Terrace 6 R2-6
The Terraces- Terrace 7 R2-7
The Terraces- Terrace 8 R2-8
The Terraces- Terrace 9 R2-9
Robert Holmes Village R3
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 1 R3-1
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 10 R3-10
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 11 R3-11
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 12 R3-12
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 13 R3-13
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 14 R3-14
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 15 R3-15
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 16 R3-16
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 17 R3-17
Robert Holmes Village - Villa 18 R3-18
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 19 R3-19
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 2 R3-2
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 20 R3-20
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 21 R3-21
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 22 R3-22
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 23 R3-23
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 24 R3-24
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 25 R3-25
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 26 R3-26
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 27 R3-27
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 28 R3-28
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 29 R3-29
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 3 R3-3
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 4 R3-4
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 5 R3-5
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 6 R3-6
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 7 R3-7
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 8 R3-8
Robert Holmes Village- Villa 9 R3-9
Robert Holmes Village Shed R3A
Sports Centre SC
52 Retreat Rd, Flora Hill SR2
Student Services Centre SSC
Terrace House (Sharon Street) TH
Visual Arts VA
Visual Arts Centre VAC
Villa House (Wirth Street) VH

Melbourne (Bundoora)

Agri Bio Building AB
Agri Bio Complex AB-C
Agri Bio Building- Headhouse AB-HH
Agora East AE
Animal Glasshouse Complex AGH
AGH- Central Animal House AH1
AGH- North PC2- GH AH2A
AGH- North EC- GH AH2B
AGH- North Building AH3A
AGH- North 6- GH AH3B
AGH- North 5- GH AH3F
AGH- Centre 1- GH AH4A
AGH- Centre 2 AH4B
AGH- Centre 3 AH4C
AGH- Centre 4 AH4D
AGH- Centre 5 AH4E
AGH- Centre 6- GH AH4F
AGH- South Building AH5A
AGH- South 7- GH AH5B
AGH- South 8- GH AH5C
Antenna Site ANT
Agriculture Reserve AR
Agora Theatre AT
Agora Theatre- Mez AT-MEZ
Agora West AW
Boiler House B
Baseball Diamond BD
Beth Gleeson Building BG
Bike Path- Macleod Station-LTU BKP
Boom Gate- Car Park 11 BOOM-11
Boom Gate- Car Park 3 BOOM-3
Boom Gate- Car Park 6 BOOM-6
Boom Gate- Gatehouse BOOM-G
Boom Gate- Menzies College Car Park BOOM-MCP
Boom Gate- North BOOM-N
Biological Sciences 1 BS1
Biological Sciences 2 BS2
Bus Terminus BST
Barnes Way- Block 1 BW-1
Barnes Way- Block 2 BW-2
Barnes Way- Block 3 BW-3
Barnes Way- Block 4 BW-4
Barnes Way- Block 5 BW-5
Barnes way- Administration BW-A
Chisholm College (incl Residence & Rotunda) CC
Chisholm College- Block 1 CC-B1
Chisholm College- Block 10 CC-B10
Chisholm College- Block 11 CC-B11
Chisholm College- Block 12 CC-B12
Chisholm College- Block 2 CC-B2
Chisholm College- Block 3 CC-B3
Chisholm College- Block 4 CC-B4
Chisholm College- Block 5 CC-B5
Chisholm College- Block 6 CC-B6
Chisholm College- Block 7 CC-B7
Chisholm College- Block 8 CC-B8
Chisholm College- Block 9 CC-B9
Chisholm College- Facilities Area CC-FAC
Gatehouse CCO
Childrens Centre CCR
Chisholm College- Residence CC-RES
Chisholm College- Rotunda CC-ROT
Chisholm College- Service Building CC-SERV
Car Parks (Internal) CP
Car Park- 1 CP1
Car Park- 10 (NR1-8) CP10
Car Park- 10A CP10A
Car Park- 11 CP11
Car Park- Back of Terraces 1-6 CP12A
Car Park- Back of Terraces 9-14 CP12B
Car Park- Front of Terraces 1-6 CP12C
Car Park- Front of Terraces 9-14 CP12D
Car Park- 13A CP13A
Car Park- 13B CP13B
Car Park- 14 CP14
Car Park- 2 CP2
Car Park- 2A CP2A
Car Park- 2B (LPFP) CP2B
Car Park- 2C (Kingsbury Drive) CP2C
Car Park- 3 CP3
Car Park- 4 CP4
Car Park- 6 CP6
Car Park- 7 CP7
Car Park- 7A CP7A
Car Park- 8 CP8
Car Park- 9 CP9
Car Park- 9A CP9A
Car Park- 9B CP9B
Car Park- 9C CP9C
Visitor's Car Park CPV
Campus Services 1 (I&O) CS1
Campus Services 2 CS2
Landscaping CS3
Cycle Smart Centre North CSCN
Cycle Smart Centre South CSCS
David Myers Building- Centre DMC
David Myers Building- East DME
David Myers Building- West DMW
Donald Whitehead Building DW
Education 1 ED1
Education 2 ED2
Ernest Jones Hall EH1
Ernest Jones Admin Block EH2
East Lecture Theatre ELT
The University Lodge- Building A EMA
Mont Park Building A- Garages EMA-G
Mont Park Building B EMB
Mont Park Building C EMC
Mont Park Building D EMD
Mont Park Building E EME
BM La Trobe House EP1
TER3-6 & 15 EPA
Furniture Shed FS
Glenn College GC
Glenn College- Administration GC-AD
Glenn College- East Wing GC-EW
Glenn College- North Wing GC-NW
Glenn College- Residence GC-RES
Glenn College- Study hall GC-SH
Glenn College- South Wing GC-SW
George Singer Building GS
Health Sciences 1 HS1
Health Sciences 2 HS2
Health Sciences 3 HS3
Health Sciences Clinic HSC
Hooper & Szental Lecture Theatres HSZ
Humanities 2 HU2
Humanities 3 HU3
Internal Car Parks IN CARPK
Indoor Sports Centre ISC
John Scott Meeting House JSM
Library L
LaTrobeInstituteForMolecularScience1 LIMS1
LaTrobeInstituteforMolecularScience2 LIMS2
La Trobe University Medical Centre LMC
Lower Playing Field Pavilion LPFP
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Amphitheatre LTWS-AMP
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Aquatics Bays LTWS-AQ
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Amphthre Shade Sails LTWS-ASS
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Bio-Shack LTWS-BS
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Education Shed LTWS-ES
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Fozzies Board Walk LTWS-FBW
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Glass House LTWS-GH
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Herbicide Shed LTWS-HS
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Iron Barks Hut LTWS-IBH
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Learning Centre LTWS-LC
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Multi-Purpose Shed LTWS-MPS
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Machinery Shed LTWS-MS
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Office LTWS-O
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Polyhouse 1 LTWS-PH1
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Polyhouse 2 LTWS-PH2
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Polyhouse 3 LTWS-PH3
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Retail Shop LTWS-RS
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Retail Strage Shed LTWS-RSS
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Shade House LTWS-SH
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Sld Gate- Main Drive LTWS-SLG
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- SS LTWS-SS
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Shade Sails Retail LTWS-SSR
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Storage Shed LTWS-STS
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Toilet Block LTWS-TB
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Walking Bridge LTWS-WB
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary- Yellow Box Hut LTWS-YBH
Martin Building MAR
Menzies College MC
Menzies College Annexe MCA
Menzies College Annexe 1 MCA1
Menzies College Annexe 2 MCA2
Menzies College Annexe 3 MCA3
Menzies College Annexe 4 MCA4
Menzies College Annexe 5 MCA5
Menzies College- Administration MC-AD
Menzies College- Dining Hall MC-DH
Menzies College- North Wing MC-NW
Menzies College - Residence MC-RES
Menzies College- South Wing MC-SW
Maintenance Depot MS
Maintenance Depot- Paint Store MS-PS
Moat Theatre MT
Annexe 1- Institute for Advanced Study NR1
Annexe 2- Institute for Advanced Study NR2
La Trobe Apartments NR3
La Trobe House NR4
Graduate House - West NR5
Centre for Research on Language Diversity NR6
Graduate House- East NR7
Michael J Osborne Centre- Administration NR8
Outer South Building 1 OS1
Sports Hub OS2
Melbourne City Football Club OS3
Outer South Building 4 OS4
Peribolos East PE
Physical Sciences 1 PS1
Physical Sciences 2 PS2
Peribolos West PW
Technology Enterprise Centre Bld- 1 RD1
Technology Enterprise Centre Bld- 2 RD2
CARM Centre (CAVAL)- R&D Park RD3
VABC- R&D Park RD4
Floregene Glasshouse RD4A
Hexima Glasshouse RD4B
WEHI- Walter & Eliza Hall Institute RD6
Rio Tinto Research & Technical Development RD7
Road- Biology Drive RD-BD
Road- College Drive RD-CD
Road- Chemistry Drive RD-CHD
Road- Centreway RD-CW
Road- Forest View RD-FV
Road- Glenn Drive RD-GD
Road- Garden View Drive RD-GVD
Road- La Trobe Avenue RD-LTA
Road- Menzies Drive RD-MD
Road- Physics Drive RD-PD
Road- Park Drive RD-PKD
Road- Research Avenue RD-RA
Road- Ring Road RD-RR
Road- Science Drive RD-SD
Road- Trott Avenue RD-TA
Road- Terrace Way RD-TW
Road- Union Drive RD-UD
R.L.Reid Building RLR
Sports Fields SF
Sports Field Pavilion SFP
Strathallan Golf Course SGC
Sliding Gate- Car Park 11 SLIDE-11
Sliding Gate- Car Park 2A SLIDE-2A
Sliding Gate- Agriculture Reserve SLIDE-AR
Social Sciences SS
Outer South Building 1 - Store ST1
Sylvia Walton building SW
South West Annexe SWA
Thomas Cherry Building TC
Terrace 1 TER1
Terrrace 10 TER10
Terrace 11 TER11
Terrace 12 TER12
Terrace 13 TER13
Terrace 14 TER14
EPA- Vehicle Testing Station TER15
Terrace 2 TER2
Terrace 3 (EPA- F4) TER3
Terrace 4 (EPA- F3) TER4
Terrace 5 (EPA- F2) TER5
Terrace 6 (EPA- F1) TER6
Terrace 7- Italian, Australian Institute TER7
Terrace 8- Energy Centre TER8
Terrace 9 TER9
The Learning Commons TLC
Union Building U
Union Bus Shelter U-BS
Lifeskills Building UCC
Union - Residence U-RES
Waterdale Apartments WA
West Lecture Theatres WLT
Zoology Annexe ZA
Zoology Reserve ZR

Melbourne (City)

Building ID
Franklin Street - 215 Franklin StreetFR
City Centre - 360 Collins St, Level 20                  360C


1 Tower Gardens MILR1
2 Tower GardensMILR2
29 Deakin Ave29DE
731 Fourteenth StreetMILR3
733 Fourteenth StreetMILR4
Brian Grogan BuildingBGR
Building 'A' Sunrasia TafeAG95
Building 'A', Sunrasia TafeAG90
Building 'A', Sunrasia TafeTFA
Mildura Office AnnexeMOA
North East AnnexNEA
Building 'A' (Sunrasia TAFE)TFA
Building 'T' (Sunrasia TAFE)TFT
Visual Arts Research StudioVARS


Shepparton McLean BuildingSHM
42 Gum RoadSHPR1
44 Gum RoadSHPR2
46 Gum RoadSHPR3
Shepparton CampusSHS
Shepparton Campus Portable 1SHSP1

Off campus

Alfred Level 4ALF
Beverage Space Station - Lot 1 Camerons LaneBEV
Ballarat Residence 1 - 5 Burnett StreetBLRR1
Ballarat Residence 2 - 7 Burnett StreetBLRR2
Ballarat Residence 3 - 13 Burnett StreetBLRR3
Ballarat Residence 4 - 15 Burnett StreetBLRR4
Ballarat Residence 5 - 29 Westcliffe CrescentBLRR5
Bouverie CentreBOU
Hospital - Royal Eye & EarE&E
ERH Education Centre EchucaECE
Kathleen Syme CentreKSC
43 Leafy View EsplanadeMLTR1        
45 Leafy View EsplanadeMLTR2
47 Leafy View EsplanadeMLTR3
49 Leafy View EsplanadeMLTR4
Unit 1/177 Porter Rd Heidelberg HeightsNCHU0
Hospital - North West (Nursing Gerontic)NWH
Legal - Preston Legal AidPLA
Hospital - Peter MccullumPM
Hospital - Royal Womens (Nursing-Midwifery)RWH
Hospital - St Vincent's (Physiotherapy)SV
Legal - West Heidelberg Legal ServiceWHLS