On Campus Activity

The University Insurance program is designed to support students, staff and volunteers when conducting University activities on campus, across Australian, or overseas.

Personal Accident Insurance

The University’s Personal Accident Insurance supports students and volunteers in the event they suffer a bodily injury while undertaking approved University activities or commuting to or from campus.

The personal accident policy operates together with the travel policy depending on the distance your University activity takes you from your usual place of residence.

Less than 50kms – Personal Accident Insurance

More than 50kms – Travel Insurance

The policy provides cover for out-of-pocket expenses where such expenses are not claimable under other insurance arrangements such as Private Health Insurance, Medicare, Transport Accident Commission (TAC) etc.

The policy includes cover for:

  • Medical expenses (that are not covered in whole or in part by Medicare).
  • Weekly injury benefits;
  • Home tutorial benefits;
  • Injury assistance benefits;

The policy does NOT provide cover for the following:

  • Costs arising from sickness or pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Costs that are covered in whole or in part by Medicare, ‘Gap’ payments cannot be claimed

Personal Accident Insurance is designed to respond in addition and excess to Medicare and Private Health Insurance.

All University students, staff, and volunteers are encouraged to consider the most appropriate health insurance arrangement for their personal circumstances.

Ambulance Cover

The University’s Personal Accident insurance provides cover for ambulance call-out fees in the event the injury is covered by the Personal Accident Insurance.

Should an ambulance be called for any other reason, such as sickness, the costs will not be covered by the University’s insurance.

Please refer to Ambulance Victoria for individual memberships and further information.

Property and Equipment

University property and equipment is covered by the University’s insurance program for accidental loss or damage. Any knowledge of an event that has or may result in property damage must be reported to Infrastructure & Operations immediately.

Except while travelling, property belonging to staff and students is not covered by the University insurance program.

Expenses associated with setting off the fire alarms are only covered if there has been an insurable event (and the policy excess is breached). Costs for accidentally setting off the alarm are not insured.

How To Claim

The Insurance Office will support you in lodging a claim.

Please contact the Insurance Office to commence the claim process.

For further information, please contact the Insurance Office.