Connecting students to industry

Medibank is giving La Trobe students even more opportunities to connect with industry.

Medibank’s 5000+ employees and clinical professionals include senior specialists in a range of fields, from nursing and physiotherapy to commerce and IT.

Thanks to our partnership, this breadth of experience and expertise is now available to La Trobe students. They can access a range of practical work and networking opportunities, internships and ongoing learning opportunities.

Real-world work experience

La Trobe students can get hands-on industry experience while they study, giving them a head start in their careers. Our students have opportunities to collaborate with Medibank’s professional teams on real industry projects designing new services and products, which they will then be able to see enter the market.

Industry-led curriculum

We’re committed to delivering courses that align with industry and prepare students for employment. Senior Medibank professionals work closely with us to co-design degrees and professional development programs, deliver lectures and enhance course material with real-world case studies.

Digital health students also have the opportunity to work with real, de-identified health data from Medibank, which they can use to design health interventions.

Graduate opportunities and internships

An upcoming internship program will give La Trobe graduates the opportunity to secure a paid role at Medibank. Further details about this program will be announced soon .

La Trobe students can also get dedicated support and application advice for Medibank’s HealthStrong graduate program, which offers graduate allied health positions throughout Australia.

Medibank Hack for Health

Medibank’s annual Hack for Health event brings together employees from across the organisation to fast-track wellbeing and customer service innovations. For the first time Medibank expanded participation in the Hackathon to exclusively include La Trobe students in finding ways to make interacting with Medibank simple and memorable for their customers, patients, providers or community.

In late 2020 four La Trobe students were selected to be part of this unique industry lead experience. Initially the students were invited to attended hack training to learn the fundamentals of Human Centre Design, process improvement and collaboration platforms. This was followed by a day at Medibank to help hack solutions using ten ideas that had been submitted. Students were part of a high energy day, collaborating with Medibank employees to solve the challenge and then to present a pitch to the health fund’s Executive Leadership Team and Craig Drummond, Medibank’s CEO.

Only La Trobe students had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Medibank employees to brainstorm and pitch for funding to bring their ideas to life.