Prototyping in exchange for IP

Flexible partnerships with industry to transform ideas into market-ready products in exchange for intellectual property (IP).

  • Do you have an idea that you’ve tested and need to scale or test in the field or research lab?
  • Don’t have the budget for development?

Then, get in touch with us to see how we can help take your idea to the next stage.

Whether it’s through in-kind contributions, short-term support or a deeper long-term collaboration, we can find a way to work with you to turn your idea into a market-ready product.

Prototyping in exchange for IP are partnerships that enable ideas to progress without you needing the budget to directly contract or commission research.

Our goal is to be as flexible as possible, making the partnerships work for everyone involved, and helping ensure your technology is robust, market ready and as impactful as possible.

Any questions? We'd love to help.