Agriculture, food and environment

Research focused on developing innovative solutions to support local and national agricultural production in a resource-limited world.

We are at the forefront of science aimed at increasing quality in food production, from growing crops through to food security and biosecurity. Combining our resources to develop sustainable solutions to maintain and increase agriculture production. We are a leader in pre-farmgate research, agricultural production research and sustainable food solutions, with world-class research in the areas of:

  • Agricultural production
  • Medicinal agriculture
  • Environmental management
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Food security and biosecurity
  • Food and nutrition.

Projects our researchers have been working on

• Phosphate research: this is what we're working on - Watch video

• Wearables for Animals - Watch video

• Free the Frog (... of Pesticides) - Watch video

• Can a reduction in the use of phosphate in farming alleviate world hunger? - Watch video

• The science of coffee - Watch video

• Genetic improvements in dairy cattle - Watch video

Useful information

  • Leader in pre-farmgate research, agricultural production research and sustainable food solutions.
  • Working with industry to find efficiencies across the production process and to test and commercialise innovative technology and products.
  • Improving underperforming soils that cost Australian farmers billions of dollars a year in lost productivity.
  • Producing seeds that are fit for purpose for health, food and manufacturing.
  • Finding the best quality and functionality aspects of fibre to reduce the reliance on processed food.

  • laboratory space containing cutting-edge equipment for agricultural biosciences
  • controlled atmosphere/environment rooms for agri-food research
  • glasshouses for field cropping and experimental plots
  • animal housing and handling facilities for animal research
  • research equipment and facilities
  • research platforms.

  • AgriBio, Centre for AgriBiosciences (partnership with Agriculture Victoria)
  • ARC Research Hub for Medicinal Agriculture
  • La Trobe Institute of Agriculture and Food
  • Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems
  • Centre for Future Landscapes
  • Centre for Livestock Interactions with Pathogens
  • Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecosystems.

  • Agriculture Victoria
  • ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy
  • Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research
  • BioPlatforms Australia
  • Cann Group
  • Global Table
  • National Landcare Program
  • Pepsico
  • Photon Systems Instruments
  • Vernx Biotechnology.