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The Research and Innovation Precinct brings entrepreneurs, industry, academics, educators and community together to create the increasingly critical melting pot of business, industry and research that we need to solve the world’s biggest and most difficult problems.

The Precinct ecosystem empowers innovators and emerging companies all the way from concept through to commercialisation, scale-up and acceleration – and has already helped partner companies raise $30 million with joint investment from government and industry, and co-developed IP.

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Pioneering a technology that mimics the shape and stability of a crucial antigen-binding domain.

agriculture victoria

Agriculture Victoria

The department works with industry and on research.

Cann group logo

CANN Group Limited

Strategic research collaboration in medicinal agriculture.

Caval logo


Helping Australian libraries add value to the teaching learning environment.


Bringing Enterprise Solutions to SME and Not for Profits.

Gene works


Research in the field of genetic testing (animal and plant diseases) based on loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP).


Actively engaged in the research and development of plant-derived proteins and peptides for applications as human therapeutics.


Developing Melbourne North’s manufacturing sector and supply/value chain.

PSI logo

Photon Systems Instruments

Strategic research collaboration in phenotyping systems (automated monitoring of plants).

Rio Tinto

One of the world's largest metals and mining corporations.


Smart asset tag system that measures and reports all you need to know about a product’s life.

solvay logo


Exploring research opportunities in the field of seed germination and related mechanisms.


A state-wide Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO) servicing children, young people, families, and community members.

victorian police logo

Victorian Police Forensic Services

One of the largest providers of forensic science services in Australia.

vivazome logo

Viva Zome

Research industry partner in the field of exosomes.


One of Australia’s leading biomedical research organisations.