Conserving Victoria’s unique alpine stonefly genus Thaumatoperla

The Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems is working collaboratively in Victoria’s alpine areas to assess the impact the 2019-20 fires had on the threatened stonefly species Thaumatoperla.

The Thaumatoperla species are a unique part of our fauna and data on the species is limited, meaning that their distribution is not well known. This lack of knowledge limits our understanding of the true impacts of the 2019-20 fires and further restricts the management and recovery options to reduce the risk of population loss and extinction from fire events.

The project will use environment DNA and traditional survey techniques combined with species distribution modelling to assess the Thaumatoperla species. Surveys will be undertaken within the Victorian alpine area – particularly the Bogong High Plains, Mount Buller-Mount Stirling, Yarra Ranges and Mt Baw Baw areas. Partnered with Falls Creek Resort Management, Mount Buller Mount Stirling Resort Management and Parks Victoria.