Doing business with La Trobe

La Trobe University is committed to open and fair competition and seeks 'value for money' in all its dealings with all types of organisations.

If you wish to provide goods or services to La Trobe University, we require you to be set up on our systems. Your La Trobe contact must first complete an internal New Vendor request form and, once approved, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement will send you a secure link to the application form. You must then complete this application form and provide any necessary supporting documentation, including but not limited to:

  • A Working With Children Check Declaration/Exemption/WWCC card;
  • Any required Product and Public Liability insurance certificates.

Following the provision of this information and your agreement to our Terms and Conditions, your organisation will be set up as a vendor in our system.

IMPORTANT - Before supplying any goods or services, you will need to have received a valid Purchase Order number from La Trobe University, or an explicit acknowledgement that no Purchase Order is required for that particular engagement.  Please speak with your La Trobe contact to see if you require a Purchase order.  Not having a valid Purchase Order number may result in a delay of payment.

The Strategic Sourcing & Procurement team are accountable, use open generic terms and conditions and observe the Government policy of industry development by actively seeking and offering opportunities for competitive local industry, especially in the communities where our regional campuses are located.

Payment Terms

The University's payment terms are 30 days from the end of the month in which the invoice was dated.

New Vendor Application

When a La Trobe staff member has requested that your company register as a Vendor, the staff member will complete a New Vendor Checklist and once approved, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement will send you a link to the application form. You must complete this form and provide the supporting documentation in order for your application to be processed.

Update Vendor Information

Update Vendor Information

If your company is currently a Vendor/Supplier to La Trobe University and you have a username and password you are able to update your Vendor details through this website.  It is important to keep your details up to date on our system to ensure any invoices are paid promptly.

If your organisation has changed it's ABN you will be required to complete a New Vendor Application.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

La Trobe University's Terms and Conditions for Vendors/Suppliers of goods and/or services to the University are:

These Terms & Conditions do not apply to the supply of any goods or provision of any services which have been executed in a separate written agreement with La Trobe University.

Any queries please email

Tenders at La Trobe

Tenders at La Trobe

All tenders that are currently open are available through our e-Tendering portal

Vaccination Requirements

In response to the rapidly changing Government requirements to manage the Covid-19 pandemic, the University has implemented the Health & Safety Procedure - COVID-19 Vaccination.  The COVID-19 Vaccination Procedure requires that any person who attends a La Trobe University Campus must provide evidence of their vaccination status upon request (unless they have been granted an Exemption by the University in accordance with the Procedure).

Modern Slavery Statement

The University has a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking in all its forms.

View the University's first annual report on Modern Slavery here.

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