Threat, harassment or stalking

  • Threats may be received by phone, email, in writing or in person
  • The person receiving the threat should determine if there is a fear of immediate harm. If so, your campus security/emergency response should be contacted.
    • If this call is not answered contact the police on 000.
  • If there is unlikely to be immediate harm you should notify your supervisor who will notify the Head of School or Head of Division.
  • The threat should be assessed. If it is of a trivial nature it should be dealt with under local departmental procedures.
  • If the matter is of a non-trivial nature, or if in doubt, the Director Risk Management should be contacted as soon as possible.
  • The situation will be reviewed by the Director Risk Management who will determine the need to activate the University Threat Assessment Team.
  • The Director Risk Management and/or the Threat Assessment Team will determine the required response and advise local management accordingly.

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