Emergency evacuation procedures - general

  • On hearing an evacuation alarm, or on instruction of emergency control personnel, immediately cease all activity and secure personal valuables.
  • Assist any person in immediate danger, but only if safe to do so.
  • If practical, and only if safe to do so, secure any activity or process that may become hazardous or suffer damage if left unattended as a consequence of evacuation.
  • Act in accordance with directions given by emergency control personnel and evacuate the building immediately.
  • Assist with the general evacuation if directed to do so by emergency control personnel.
  • Assist with the evacuation of disabled occupants.
  • In a fire, do not use a lift to evacuate a building.
  • Move calmly to the nominated evacuation assembly area and do not leave the evacuation assembly area until the all clear has been given.
  • Follow the instructions of relevant emergency services personnel and campus emergency control personnel.

Emergency procedure maps

Emergency procedures diagrams are located within buildings throughout each campus. These diagrams provide floor plans showing the locations of emergency exits and emergency equipment (such as fire extinguishers) and maps for evacuation routes and emergency assembly areas.