Code Orange: Evacuation for Person with a Disability

  • An agreed support person/floor warden will provide support to the person with a disability to evacuate the building, or to move to a safe area to await assistance from members of the emergency response group or emergency services personnel.
  • An agreed support person/area warden should remain with that person with a disability until the all clear is given or they are relieved of those duties.
  • The facility warden will assign an area warden, or request an emergency response warden, to check that assistance is being provided to the person with a disability, or assist with evacuation of the disabled person if this practical and appropriate.
  • The building warden will advise the chief warden of any need for assistance.
  • The chief warden will ensure that the emergency control point, emergency operations centre and emergency response personnel are aware of the situation and location of the person with a disability.
  • The chief warden will also ensure that emergency services personnel are notified as soon as possible if their assistance is required.

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