Code Yellow: Gas Leak or Chemical Spill

A gas leak or chemical spill is classed as significant if the safety and security of personnel or University assets is affected.

Gas Leak or Chemical Spill

  • It is important to know what you are handling in the first place. Only those people trained in the storage and handling of dangerous goods should have access.


  • If safe to do so assist anyone in immediate danger
  • Do not allow other people to enter the area
  • If anyone has been exposed to a substance, set up an isolation and decontamination area
  • If available and safe to do so, put on Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE). Observe and support exposed persons until Emergency Services arrive
  • Remain calm and do not put yourself at risk


  • Control the Hazardous Material
  • Clear the immediate area of staff and students
  • Close doors and windows only if safe to do so
  • If safe to do so, turn off ignition sources, isolations switches, ventilation and machinery
  • Do not smell, touch or taste the material
  • Evacuate to the designated assembly area. Do not return to building until advised to do so by Building Warden or Emergency Services
  • Remove any personnel who are down wind of the incident

Raise Alarm

  • Contact Campus Security on (03) 9479 2222 and provide your name and location and type of materials involved
  • Alert surrounding areas and evacuate by hitting the nearest Break Glass Alarm. The system will automatically notify the Emergency Services and Campus Security.

An alternative assembly area may need to be used if the weather conditions are transporting vapours toward the primary assembly area. Listen for instructions and take note of unusual smells and conditions