Code Red: Fire/Smoke

Code Red refers to a fire and smoke incident that poses an immediate threat to safety of people or University assets.

Remain Calm

  • Do not shout ‘FIRE’ as this may cause panic and lead to injuries


  • If safe to do so, move any people in immediate danger to a safe area

Raise Alarm

  • Notify any nearby occupants of the danger
  • Activate nearest “break glass” alarm if no alarms are sounding. The system will automatically notify the Emergency Services and Campus Security


  • Close the door, if safe to do so
  • If safe to do so and you are trained, attempt to extinguish the fire using the correct equipment


Listen for the tone and respond as required
  • “BEEP” “BEEP” Remain calm and await further instructions
  • “WHOOP” “WHOOP” Evacuate the building following the building/area Warden’s instructions
  • Follow the exit signs, walk quickly and calmly closing doors and windows behind you
  • Use lifts/elevators (unless advised by Warden)
  • Re-enter the building/area until directed by the Warden, security or attending emergency service
  • Panic, you should remain calm