Code Brown: External Emergency

An external emergency is an event that stretches or overwhelms the University's resources e.g. structural collapse, explosion, fire or flood.

Raise Alarm

  • Call 000 and Campus Security on (03) 9479 2222 and provide your name, location and type of incident

Stand By

  • The University is alerted to an incident that may require a response
  • Security Personnel will seek to confirm the extent of the incident and gather information on the current situation and availability of staffing and resourcing
  • Stand by, await further instructions


  • Incident is confirmed
  • Incident Response Group (IRG) is notified of the Code Brown activation
  • Code Brown plans are activated and the University commits resources and personnel
  • Follow directions for Building Warden/Security/Emergency Services

Stand Down

  • The incident is controlled
  • Response operations are concluded and there is movement towards a return of normal business
  • Whilst stand down may be instigated, a return to normal business may not occur for some time
  • Await further instructions from the University