Code Black: Personal Threat

If you are suspicious of the behaviour of any person(s) contact Campus Security on (03) 9479 2222. If you are in immediate danger contact Police on 000 then Campus Security.

Remain Calm

  • Do not panic or shout. Avoid eye contact
  • Do not make any sudden movements

Do Not Take Risks

  • Do not argue with or provoke the offender(s)
  • Do not attempt to physically subdue or take on the offender(s)
  • Alert others around you if safe to do so
  • Obey all instructions from the offender/s without giving any additional information
  • Try and maintain a safe distance
  • Take note of the following:
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Height
    • Build
    • Weight
    • Colour of hair
    • Colour of eyes
    • Unusual Mannerisms
    • Every movement the offender makes
    • Scars or other markings
    • Complexion
    • Speech
    • Weapons carried
    • Dress - shoes - Gloves
    • Language
    • Impediments
    • Items touched by intruder
    • Carry bags

When offenders have departed

  • Call 000 and follow advice from the police
  • Alert Campus Security on (03) 9479 2222 and provide the operator your name and location
  • Make notes if possible. In the situation that you may be confronted you will have limited resources available
  • Remain in the area until help arrives

Bystander, witness or Campus Security

  • Call 000, ensure police are notified
  • Notify campus security on (03) 9479 2222
  • Ensure anyone injured is attended to and Campus Security is notified
  • Stop unauthorised entry to the incident location
  • Ensure no item in the vicinity is touched or moved
  • Request witnesses to remain at the scene. Stay with casualties or distressed persons if required
  • Make notes if possible. individually and independently completed by those involved in the incident
  • Await arrival of Police or Campus Security

Once the incident has been resolved and Emergency Services have left, the Campus Security team will complete an Incident Report and collect details for those involved. Please ensure you speak with Campus Security before leaving the area