Department of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences staff

The Department of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences is comprised of a strong team of academic and professional staff who work together to support our core missions of teaching and research.

To contact an individual staff member, please consult the directories below. Or, contact the Department.

Department staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Kate Webster HOD Sport, Exercise & Nutrition Sciences 03 9479 5796
Dr. Rebekah Alcock Lecturer, Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Dr. Regina Belski Prof. in Nutrition & Dietetics (TR) 03 9479 6059
Dr. David Carey Lect Sport Analytics and Data Science
Dr. Anthea Clarke Lecturer 03 9479 6277
Melanie Clarke Lecturer, Exercise Science
Dr. Eduardo Cofre Lizama Research Fellow, Sport & Exercise Scienc
Tanya Cooper-Terrens Lect, Dietetics and Human Nutrition (TF) 03 9479 3799
Dr. Annie Lassemillante Cornette Lecturer Food, Nutrition and Dietetics 03 9479 3756
Dr. Charlie Davids Assoc Lecturer, Sport & Exercise Science
Robyn Delbridge Senior Lecturer - Dietetics 03 9479 6576
Dr. Matt Driller Ass Prof in Sport and Exercise Science 03 9479 2177
Professor Paul Gastin Professor, Exercise Science 03 9479 1982
Dr. Andrew Govus Snr Lecturer, Sports & Exercise Science 03 9479 5700
Dr. Mary Grant Lecturer Career Development in Sport TF
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Adjunct and Emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Jessica Biesiekierski Adjunct Senior Lecturer 03 9479 5601
Andrea Bramley Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Brooke Devlin Adjunct Lecturer 03 9479 5062
Dr. Sarah Jenner Adjunct Lecturer 03 9479 3892
Dr. Stuart Morgan Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Maria Papamichael Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Audrey Tierney Adjunct Associate Professor 03 9479 1875