Nyingarn: a platform for primary sources in Australian Indigenous languages

This project aims to build Nyingarn, an online platform of digital text versions of early Australian Indigenous language manuscripts with images of the original documents. There are over a thousand such documents that are foundational to understanding Australia's languages, and Nyingarn makes textual versions, accessions, and navigates such documents, with a means for adding more in future. Expected outcomes of this project are accessible sources useful for educational materials, and for understanding the local language, its history, and its relationship to other languages. Nyingarn will provide cutting-edge methods for ingesting, analysing, and presenting these historical materials, both for research and for the general public.

Research Team

Project Lead: A/Prof Nick Thieberger (University of Melbourne)

Chief Investigators:

Prof Clint Bracknell, University of Queensland
Dr Amy Budrikis, Edith Cowan University
Dr Doug Marmion, Australian Institute for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies
Prof Jane Simpson, The Australian National University
A/Prof Stephen Morey, La Trobe University
Prof Linda Barwick, The University of Sydney
Prof Jakelin Troy, The University of Sydney
Prof Nicholas Enfield, The University of Sydney
A/Prof Myfany Turpin, The University of Sydney
A/Prof Robert Amery, The University of Adelaide
Prof Trevor Cohn, The University of Melbourne
Dr Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, The Australian National University

Project Manager: Dr Sophie Lewincamp
Project Technical Officer: Dr Marco La Rosa
Nyingarn Logo Design: Nina Fitzgerald