Why do a short course in podiatry?

We offer the short course: 'Endorsed Scheduled Medicines (ESM) online case studies'.

'Endorsed Scheduled Medicines (ESM) online case studies' is part of the pathway of work required for podiatrists to undertake to obtain endorsement for scheduled medicines. These case studies have been approved by the Podiatry Board of Australia (PodBA) and includes an integrated assessment (required by the PodBA).

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Course information

'Endorsed Scheduled Medicines (ESM) online case studies'

The 'Endorsed Scheduled Medicines (ESM) online case studies' are available for purchase anytime for A$275.00. Online access to the course resources are made available to applicants, and they are required to read through and complete the multiple choice question (MCQ) assessment embedded within the curriculum. If applicants score above 80% on the MCQ assessment, they are then deemed to have completed the assessment successfully and are provided with a certificate stating this.

Further information, registration and payment is available here.

NB: Please see the Podiatry Board of Australia website to check that you are eligible to complete the case studies. For most podiatrists, this will include an appropriate level of undergraduate or postgraduate pharmacology (an approved course in podiatric therapeutics).

If you have any queries, please contact executive and professional education at executive_professional_education@latrobe.edu.au or Future student enquiries at 1300 135 045.

For further enquiries, please email ASK La Trobe.

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