Why study biology?

Discover your world. Whether you want to help protect native forests and grasslands, discover new medical cures, develop sustainable agricultural practices, map the genome of endangered species or just develop our knowledge of biological sciences, our courses will help you succeed.

Biology involves the study of life in its many forms – from animals and plants to fungi, bacteria and viruses. Develop an overall understanding of life, ranging from entire communities and populations of species to the molecular functioning of organisms or alternatively, focus on a specialised area of biology.

Career opportunities

Our graduates work in many areas including conservation and landscape management, medical science, agricultural science, biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, botany and zoology - with many becoming international authorities in their field.

Biology placements

Work Integrated Learning programs allows students to undertake placements in a wide variety of settings. Learn more.

Overseas study opportunities

As a La Trobe student, you can broaden your horizons by studying overseas with one of our global exchange partners. We have partnerships with more than 100 universities in over 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe and North and South America.