Biomedical science

Understanding the human body and disease

Biomedical scientists study the biology underlying human health and disease. Greater understanding of these biological mechanisms leads to more effective prevention and better treatment of human illness.

Why study biomedical science?

With a biomedical science major, you’ll examine the biological processes involved in human function at the molecular, cellular and systems levels and discover how increasing our knowledge of normal and pathological function can help to develop preventive, diagnostic and treatment possibilities for human disease.

You’ll participate in hands-on practical work across several disciplines, including biochemistry and molecular biology, and consider case studies of human diseases.

Where can biomedical science take me?

The sky’s the limit! Biomedical science prepares you for a diverse range of careers.

You could find yourself working in scientific, medical or pharmaceutical sales, administration, education, or even media and communications. These roles may be based locally or internationally in biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as well as in hospitals and government departments.

If you want to pursue further study, biomedical science offers an ideal platform for postgraduate research in a biomedical science discipline. You could pursue employment in health-related fields such as dentistry, medicine, orthoptics, physiotherapy and speech pathology.

Why La Trobe?

We've invested more than $500 million into new learning and research centres.

This includes the $100 million La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS) - a state-of-the-art facility with 10,000 square metres of usable space including 18 new research and support laboratories, an equipment barn, and extensive teaching facilities.

We attract a strong, international research community and this feeds down to students at all levels of study, including you as you commence your degree in first year.

Further study options

If you’re a biomedical science undergraduate with a strong academic record and a desire for further study, graduate entry Master’s courses in allied health disciplines such as audiology, prosthetics and orthotics, occupational therapy and speech pathology await.

You could also choose to do an Honours year in biomedical science, which will prepare you for further graduate research.

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