Consumer-Initiated Escalation of Care

In 2019 it became mandatory for all health services to integrate a process of engaging consumers (patients, carers and family members of patients) in the detection and response to clinical deterioration. In line with their Partnering in Healthcare Framework, Safer Care Victoria is piloting a principles- based escalation implementation framework to guide health services with their efforts to strengthen the relationships, systems and processes for patients and carers to successful escalate care when needed. This framework will be supported by a central phone number that consumers throughout Victoria can call to escalate care if needed.

The Centre undertook a rapid review of evidence through systematic review and stakeholder consultations to support Safer Care Victoria to identify priorities and recommended actions for designing an implementation framework and central escalation phone service for patients and carers to escalate care in Victorian health services. These recommendations are now being rolled out in up to 18 sites across Victoria as a pilot program. The Centre will continue to support the learning and development of the patient and carer-initiated escalation by leading the evaluation of the pilot program in 2019/2020.

Project team

  • Dr Bronwen Merner
  • Sophie Hill, Associate Professor
  • Dr Rebecca Ryan
  • Consumers as Partners Branch, Safer Care Victoria

Rapid Review Project Advisory Group

The Rapid Review Advisory Group is an eight-member team of people with consumer, clinical, quality improvement and policy expertise, drawn from health services and Safer Care Victoria.

Publications from project