We are a research centre at La Trobe University focusing on the theoretical advancement of AI as well its practical contributions to organisations, the economy and society. We specialise in research and development of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Data Analytics platforms. We maintain a proven track record of advancing a new approach to artificial general intelligence, Self-Structuring Artificial Intelligence (SS-AI). The work we do is elevating pure academic research by transforming advanced data into analytics platforms that can be readily deployed to provide actionable insights for data-driven decision-making in organisations and industry, locally and internationally.

SS-AI is defined as learning structures that autonomously evolve, spatially, temporally, and contextually, in response to the unlabelled, unstructured and chaotic nature of data generated by modern data-intensive environments.

Our team consists of a group of AI and data science experts with outstanding research achievements coupled with many years of top industry experience. We build a fusion of operation and AI through the blend of our team expertise. Our team have designed and teach a top QS ranked Master of Business Analytics Course and also teach into the Bachelor of Business Analytics.

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Our Education and Training Programs

Academic Qualifications

  • Industry PhD program
  • Full-time PhD program
  • Master of Business Analytics
  • Bachelor of Business Analytics

Customised Short Courses

  • Data Visualization and Predicitive Analytics (using Power BI, Phyton, R)
  • Data Infrastructure Development (using warehouses, lakes, and HDInsight on Microsoft Azure).
  • Deep Learning (using Python, Jupyter notebooks, and Google Colab)
  • Management Masterclass on Data Analytics and AI
  • AI, Data Ethics and Governance