Baker Department of Cardiovascular Research, Translation and Implementation partnerships

The partnership between the Baker Institute and La Trobe University has led to the establishment of the Baker Department of Cardiovascular Research, Translation and Implementation.

Together, we are growing the scope, volume and quality of cardiovascular and diabetes research. We are enhancing access to health service and research networks in academia, government and industry, including local and rural collaborations already developed by each organisation.

Australian partnerships

We have a physical presence at the following health care settings – ensuring our education and research programs are contemporary and meet the needs of our communities.

This presence also allows us to collaborate with health professionals on innovative teaching and translational research.

Our key partners include:

We are members of La Trobe University’s Academic and Research Collaborative in Health, which brings together academics, clinicians, consumers, healthcare professionals, health and social care agencies and policy makers skilled in the translation of interdisciplinary research. Professor of Public Health, Brian Oldenberg, is Director of the Academic and Research Collaborative in Health at The Alfred.

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is a member of the Alfred Research Alliance. We have advanced collaborative relationships with many of its members including the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases at Monash University; the Australian Centre for Health Innovation at The Alfred; the National Trauma Research Institute, a partnership between The Alfred and Monash University; and Nucleus Network. La Trobe University is also a member of the Alliance, providing another opportunity to strengthen allied health partnerships.

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is a founding member of the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance, Australia’s peak leadership body for the advancement of research into heart, stroke and vascular disease. Professor Peter Meikle, Head of Department, is Co-Director of the Precision Medicine Flagship.

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute collaborates extensively with La Trobe University’s Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Disease Research on numerous high-impact scientific projects aimed at identifying novel disease pathways and therapeutic targets for hypertension, stroke, kidney disease and heart failure.

The Centre was established in 2018 with the mission of reducing the toll of cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes through excellence in research, education, and engagement with local communities in the north of Melbourne and regional Victoria. The Centre comprises over 60 research staff and students working across eleven research divisions.

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute has established a unique, community-based research facility adjoining Heartwest Cardiology in Melbourne’s outer west. The Baker Institute Clinical Trial and Research Centre provides a valuable location to develop studies and clinical trials focused on at-risk populations.

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is one of the 12 member organisations of Monash Partners, an innovative Australian health, research and educational collaboration. The partnership connects researchers, clinicians and the community to innovate for better health and wellbeing for around three million Australians.

Researcherenye Wappayalawangka-Central Australia Academic Health Science Network is dedicated to improving the health of people in central Australia, with a focus on Aboriginal health. It is focused on community-driven research and research translation in close collaboration with research, education and service delivery organisations.

International partnerships

We are globally connected through a range of formal partnerships and informal collaborations arrangements that strengthen our research capacity and outcomes.

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, for example, has partnered with University of Cambridge to establish the Cambridge Baker Systems Genomics Initiative. This transnational research partnership brings computational biologists together to drive the development of next-generation analytics, game-changing biology and clinical utility from multi-omic datasets.