Online/offline: Sexual violence, activism, and justice

This seminar draws together leading international and national scholars in the field of sexual violence to examine current practice, progress, and challenges.

Women’s recollection of farming and managing for drought in Australia during 2006-2010

Listen to Dr Janet Congues' seminar on Women’s recollection of farming and managing for drought in Australia during 2006-2010.

The war on locusts in inland Australia, 1946-2010

Listen to Andrea Gaynor's seminar on The war on locusts in inland Australia 1946-2010.

Out-of-home care

Interview with Chief Investigator, Dr Andrew Harvey, ABC PM, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, (2015, March 11).

Body scan

This exercise is a way to ‘check in’ with our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We are aiming to notice the sensations we find in our body, without trying to change them or to improve them.

Bubble of awareness

This exercise allows you to practice being in the moment for just three minutes. It will enable you to be present right here and now, getting grounded in the moment. Very handy for concentrating on assignments or exams!

Eating mindfully

This practice can be incorporated into your daily life without too much effort. This exercise will give you greater insight into your eating pattern and ‘how’ you eat.

Mindfulness of emotions

This powerful exercise helps us to stand back from the emotion and understand it, not to fear it or struggle against it. It can help you to identify the emotion as a feeling rather than a fact or behaviour.

Mindful walking

This exercise is really beneficial when you want to have a break from your thoughts and feelings and to get some fresh air. It can supplement your fitness regime which is extremely important to reducing stress.

Mindfulness of an object

This practice of focusing on something outside of ourselves is very useful when we are feeling agitated or anxious. This exercise is about observing without judgement. The idea of this exercise is to describe and focus.

Mindfulness of sound

This mindfulness practice is particularly useful for anxiety as it gives you an external focus and time-out from worrying thoughts.

Mindfulness of thoughts

This practice enables you to experience all thoughts as simply thoughts to notice. You will learn not to respond or react to every thought.

Mindfulness of the breath

This is an exercise with a single focus mindfulness practice using the breath as your anchor.

10 count breathing

10 count breathing

Introduction - mindfulness defined

An introduction to mindfulness

Preserving fish breeding populations

Take a tour of La Trobe's fish breeding labs with biologist Iain Ellis

Preserving fish breeding populations

Iain Ellis on his work with the Murray Hardyhead

Wellbeing for Athletes With a Disability

Exploring the concept of wellbeing and how it applies to athletes.