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A successful formula

A successful collaboration between mathematicians from La Trobe University and Kyushu University is forumulating a new theoretical mathematical framework.

Euan Graham appointed Executive Director of La Trobe Asia

Euan Graham appointed executive director of La Trobe Asia

Cooperation in contested Asia

Amidst growing competition between great and emerging powers, Australia and Japan must engage collaboratively together and with other regional states to manage East Asia’s increasingly unsettled security environment.

The legislation of alcohol

A review of alcohol legislation across Asia shows that stricter rules would be effective, particularly in China.

Death anxiety in Asian cultures

Research by psychologist Dr Emiko Kashima is examining how culture and society influences the perception of death.

Malaysia's HIV dilemma

A study by Susan Chong aims to examine the delay in seeking treatment for HIV and AIDS in Malaysia.

Supporting Indonesia's nurses

Researchers in La Trobe University's School of Nursing and Midwifery are working to address post-registration education needs of Indonesia's nurses.

Building energy foundations

A collaboration with China has led to promising developments in heat exchange systems.

Conserving Cambodia's crocodiles

Drs McInerney and Shackleton are working in Cambodia to assess release sites for endangered crocodiles.

Social entrepreneurship in India’s education

An initiative is giving La Trobe University students an immersive experience in India's education system.

Language diversity in north-east India

Stephen Morey and Jurgen Schoepf have been researching language and communication of the Tangsa in India.

Diabetes in tribes of India

Dr Jency Thomas has been researching the prevalence of diabetes in remote Indian tribes.

The importance of trust in trade

A study by Andrew Gilmore shows how trust in partners and products raises and lowers trade demand.

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