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Former Prime Ministers in Conversation at La Trobe

Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd spoke on China during a recent live broadcast to a La Trobe University audience.

India in Focus seminar series

An initiative of La Trobe Asia showcasing La Trobe University expertise in India.

Safeguarding small-scale farms in China

Government concern for the agricultural industry in China is seeing a push for big corporate farming despite smallholder farms remaining viable.

Promoting healthy biomes in China’s rice supply

Human disturbances are endangering microbial species crucial in the role of food production in China, writes Rebecca Borg.

New La Trobe cyber security collaboration with India

A new collaboration with India is aving the way to a safer cyberspace after acquiring a grant from the Australian government, writes Rebecca Borg

Why leadership matters in the Indonesia-Australia relationship

In the time of global health crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID-19, relations between Indonesia and Australia are tested, writes Evi Fitriani.

Australia and the Philippines - prospects for engagement

The Australia-Philippine relationship can continue its steady pace by paying even closer attention to domestic politics, writes Charmaine Misalucha-Willoughby.

Australia-Singapore relations and the rules-based order

The shared interests and values between Australia and Singapore should provide a sense of unity and collaboration in such unprecedented times, writes Chen Chen Lee.

Australia and Vietnam - harnessing the positive momentum

Canberra and Hanoi are increasingly more aligned in strategic priorities and like-minded in many ways, writes Huong Le Thu.

Vaccine diplomacy - tensions and contestation in Southeast Asia

The geopolitics of vaccine distribution has exposed the disaggregated nature of politics within Southeast Asia, writes Caitlin Byrne.

Building stronger relations between Australia and ASEAN

ASEAN countries need to prove themselves worthy to become strategic partners for middle and even major powers, writes Lina Alexandra.

Australia, ASEAN and geoeconomic competition

Geoeconomics has become a fact of life in the Indo-Pacific. It is a shared interest between Australia and Southeast Asia which needs more attention, writes Jeffrey Wilson.

COVID-19’s impact on Indonesia’s domestic and regional security

COVID-19 is putting Indonesia's domestic institutions and regional security defences to the test, writes Natalie Sambhi.

Thailand protests while Australia watches from the sidelines

Australia needs to take a step back and reflect upon its partnership with the people of Thailand, writes Yawee Butrkrawee.

Australia-Southeast Asia Relations: The Post COVID-19 Regional Order

The fifth issue of the La Trobe Asia Brief examines the Australia-Southeast Asian relationship as the region enters into a phase of pandemic recovery.

Seeking health advice using Voice Assistant apps

Patients are resorting to artificial intelligence to seek medical advice and it could be affecting their health, writes Rebecca Borg

Contraception in Rohingya refugee camps

The call to educate more Rohingya men and women on sexual and reproductive health in Rohingya refugee camps, writes Rebecca Borg

Vivian Lin named La Trobe Asia adjunct professor

Professor Lin has a long history of public health service and research in a number of countries across the Asian region.

Social justice in Japan’s education system

Schooling in Japan has become more inclusive due to the incorporation of diversity in teaching, writes Rebecca Borg

Health information systems and China's COVID-19 response

Digital databases used to collect important health information are crucial in China's fight against infectious diseases, but such systems don’t exist without flaws

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