Support for postgraduate students

ARCSHS is a supportive and scholarly environment. It encourages a postgraduate culture of intellectual inquiry and the completion of degrees in minimum time. Each student is assigned a Principal and a Co-supervisor(s) with whom they have regular meetings.

  • Students regularly interact (2x a year) with other ARCSHS staff in developing, conducting and completing their higher degree research.
  • Students receive some financial support for conferences, research expenses, and publications.
  • Students are given desk space, a telephone, and a computer. (These facilities may be shared.)
  • Students may have opportunities to further develop research skills beyond their thesis work through collaborative projects with ARCSHS staff, which may include publication opportunities, research project management, data collection, and more.
  • Students engage in regular seminars designed to stimulate learning in a range of theoretical and methodological issues related to research at ARCSHS. Additional seminars focus on building practical skills for future careers in academia, NGOs, government and other sectors in which PhD graduates are highly sought after.

La Trobe University offers a number of postgraduate classes which students at ARCSHS can take advantage of to further their training in research methods, theory, and content specific to their interests.