Michelle Attard

PhD candidate | Speech Pathologist

Michelle is a graduate of the Bachelor's Degree in Speech Pathology at La Trobe University. Her honours research involved comparing the outcomes of constraint-induced aphasia therapy and multi-modal aphasia therapy for noun retrieval in people with chronic aphasia.

Michelle has worked as a research assistant within the lab on similar treatment comparisons across additional trial arms. She is passionate about improving the circumstances of people living with chronic aphasia. Michelle is co-founder of the online resource Aphasia Community and the Aphasia Community national group registry.

Currently in the fourth year of her PhD candidature at La Trobe University, Michelle and her supervisory team (Associate Professor Miranda Rose, Professor Leanne Togher (The University of Sydney), and Professor Jacinta Douglas) are investigating  the effects of a speech pathologist- and social worker-led community aphasia group model for people with aphasia and their families.

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