Events and news

Forever Young: how can we age without getting old?

Thursday 24 May 05:30pm

What does the future for you and your family look like in a community that is getting older?

Indigenous Australians: The Promise of the Future

Thursday 14 June 06:45pm

Join Noel Pearson and Megan Davis for a conversation that will help determine Australia’s future—the relations between its Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

2018 Women in Leadership Series - Sydney

Thursday 21 June 06:00pm

Join us to meet some of our most inspirational female alumni and hear them speak candidly about women in leadership

Digital Defenders – Who’s guarding us from cyber-attack?

Thursday 21 June 06:30pm

As the internet of things invades the everyday and our lives become more reliant on technology, so too are we becoming more and more vulnerable to privacy breaches and data misuse?

2018 Masters of Business Information Management and Systems Reunion

Friday 20 July 03:00pm

Join us for the 10th foundation anniversary of the MBIMS course at La Trobe University