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Singapore Alumni Chapter Online Event

Thursday 05 August 07:30pm until Thursday 05 August 08:45pm

You are invited to the first online Singapore Alumni Chapter event!

Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull discuss

Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull—The challenge of China

Tuesday 10 August 05:00pm until Tuesday 10 August 06:30pm

La Trobe University is honoured and delighted that Kevin Rudd AC and Malcolm Turnbull AC, two respected and perceptive former Australian Prime Ministers, have agreed to come together online with Dr Bec Strating, Executive Director of La Trobe Asia, to discuss some of the most critical questions posed for Australia and the world by China’s rapid rise.

Past events

Wednesday 21 July 05:30pm

Birth is a throw of the dice. The consequences last a lifetime. Join us online for this year's Fairley La Trobe Lecture: On Life’s Lottery - with Professor Glyn Davis AC

Coronavirus Vaccine Mass Production in Laboratory

Thursday 10 June 05:00pm

The manner in which the Covid-19 pandemic has been handled has thrown light on the institutions and political culture of all contemporary societies. Concerning Australia there are many questions—flattering, puzzling and sometimes disturbing.

david anderson - Managing Director, ABC

Monday 15 March 05:00pm

ABC Managing Director David Anderson will speak about the role of the ABC not only as a trusted source of valued news, information and entertainment but also the importance of supporting Australian stories across the creative industries.

Thursday 19 November 05:00pm

There was a time, not so long ago, when it was almost universally accepted that one of the principal purposes of the university was the provision of a broad education in either the Arts or the Sciences. That time has passed. In October 2020, the Morrison Government successfully introduced new legislation where the training of the next generation of professionals was implicitly regarded as the sole purpose of the university and where, quite nakedly, the price mechanism was used to persuade students not to study for a degree in the Arts.

Tuesday 10 November 05:00pm

What has COVID-19 taught us about the role that denial plays in our lives and how can we make use of this knowledge to address future challenges? How can we use this knowledge to have a better response to contain the global viral spread of the coronavirus?

Wednesday 21 October 05:00pm

La Trobe University’s Ideas and Society Program has brought together a distinguished panel—Professors Patrick McGorry AO, Michael Kyrios and Jennifer McIntosh AM—to discuss some of the most pressing questions about the coronavirus and the mental health of Australians.

Friday 09 October 12:00pm

We're all in this together. Strong social connections make communities more resilient. But today Australian’s have fewer close friends and local connections than in the past, and more of us say we have no one to turn to in tough times. How can we turn this trend around?

Thursday 27 August 05:00pm

In 2020, the threat of a new Cold War between China and the United States deepened. A trade war between the United States and China is now being conducted. President Trump routinely blames China for the coronavirus pandemic. He refers to China not as a competitor but as an “enemy”. But what of Australia? For years, we claimed that Australia did not have to choose between the US and China. Recently relations have changed. Canberra angered Beijing by banning Huawei from its 5G network and calling for a truly independent investigation into the origins of the pandemic. Beijing responded by placing a ban on Australian imports and warning about Australian racism. At La Trobe’s Ideas and Society Program the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and Linda Jakobson, the director of “China Matters”, will discuss three questions critical to the future. Why have relations between China and the United States deteriorated? Why has Canberra apparently followed the lead of Washington? Can a new Cold War between China and the United States and its allies be avoided?