Recognising and reporting changes in residents' health: an education and training package for aged care facility staff

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ACEBAC has developed an eight module (10 hour) education and training package for personal care workers (PCWs) and personal care assistants (PCAs).

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What is the education and training package?

This education and training package is specifically aimed at residential aged care Personal Care Workers (PCWs) and Personal Care Assistants (PCAs).

It was developed to support PCWs/PCAs to recognise changes in a resident's health status and report these to the appropriate person in the facility. The package is interactive and engaging and was developed using principles of adult learning.

Why was the package developed?

Residents in aged care facilities are increasingly frail, have multiple health conditions including dementia and providing care can be challenging and complex. Being able to recognise and report changes in residents' health early, can prevent admission to hospital.

PCWs/PCAs are at the front line of care and are crucial in the early identification of the deteriorating resident.

The package can be delivered to current care staff as a refresher, or to those who are new to aged care.

What will Personal Care Workers/Personal Care Assistants learn?

This package comprises eight modules which can be taught over 10 hours. Modules can be delivered individually or as an entire package, to individuals or small groups, and in any order.

Each module supports understanding of: how the body system works; the ageing process and what happens to the body; how to recognise a change in residents' health and wellbeing; and how to report these changes verbally and in writing.

The modules comprise:

  • communication
  • wellbeing
  • movement and mobility
  • skin
  • breathing
  • eating, drinking and elimination
  • mental awareness
  • end of life.

What does the Recognising and reporting changes in resident's health education and training package contain?

  • Presentation slides with text, case studies/vignettes, video clips and images (Windows and Mac compatible)
  • One hardcopy of the facilitator manual
  • Ten participant workbooks
  • Activity sheets, flash cards and templates
  • A summary sheet for each module
  • Test questions and answers for each module
  • PDFs for self-print option

Who can deliver the education?

The package contains comprehensive facilitator notes and activity guides to allow registered or enrolled nurses to facilitate participants' learning, guide problem solving and reflection, and build self-confidence to recognise and communicate observations verbally, or in writing.

Who developed the package?

The Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care (ACEBAC) at La Trobe University, Melbourne, is an internationally recognised leader in evidence based aged care. ACEBAC has a wealth of experience developing, identifying and promoting the dissemination and integration of evidence into aged care practice.

The content of the package will be provided on both:

  • USB
  • Online Training Portal

How do I purchase this education and training package?

This education package costs $1200 (incl of GST) per facility. There will also be an additional delivery charge.

To purchase this education package, your facility will need to complete and sign a Licence Agreement. Once the Licence Agreement has been signed and returned via email to:, we will be in touch to arrange an invoice for payment.

Note: if you would like more than one facility to be able to use this education package, you will need to include the name of each facility on the Licence Agreement and then purchase (at cost) additional education packages for each facility listed.

Who can I contact for more information?

Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care (ACEBAC), La Trobe University
T: +61 3 9479 6607

“A very thorough package. My staff really enjoyed it” - Facility Education Manager