Research specialisations


Molecular interactions at the plant-fungal interface

Our research is focused on the interactions of pathogenic fungi and plants.

Nutrition and reproduction


Parasites such as liver flukes cause major diseases worldwide, and drug resistance threatens fluke control.

Plant development and biotechnology

We are researching plant hormones, regulation of pollen development, and MYB genes and plant development.

Plant Pathology and Mycology

My research investigates plant pathology, focusing on management of pests and diseases of cocoa in Indonesia and diversity of macrofungi.

Plant-soil science

Research in this group focuses on soil and nutrient management, soil-plant interactions and the impacts of climate change on soil processes.

Plant-soil systems

Our research is focused on soil-plant-system interactions.

Subsoil manuring

This subsoil manuring project aims to develop economically viable techniques to ameliorate subsoils with physical constraints.