La Trobe University's Academic Board consists of approximately 225 members and is governed by the La Trobe University Act, Academic Board Statute and Academic Board Regulations.

Every attempt is made to ensure that the Board has an equal number of male and female members and both regional and metropolitan areas are properly represented. The Board also includes five elected student members who represent postgraduates and undergraduates from both regional and metropolitan campuses.

General documents



The Chair of Academic Board is Professor Christine Bigby, who will commence her third two-year term of office on 28 February 2020. Professor Bigby is a Professor of Social Work and Director of the Living with a Disability Research Centre in the College of Science, Health and Engineering.

Professor Bigby, as Chair of Academic Board, is an ex officio member of Council and the following University Committees:

  • Infrastructure and Estates Planning Committee
  • Finance and Resources Committee
  • Senior Executive Group

Deputy Chair

The Deputy Chair of Academic Board is Professor James Walker, who will commence his two-year term of office on 28 February 2020. Professor Walker is a Professor of Language Diversity and Director of the Centre for Research on Language Diversity.

Professor Walker, as Deputy Chair of Academic Board, chairs the Academic Quality Committee, a policy committee of the Board.