Election Results

Following the close of electronic ballots on 2 October 2019 for the Student and Staff positions on the La Trobe University Academic Board the successful candidates were:

Postgraduate Students (2 positions)

Ms Anne Jedzini
Mr Akesh Babu Kakarla

Undergraduate Students (3 positions)

Ms Stephanie Briese
Mr Abd-Alrahman Shehada
Ms Tayla Wakley

Level A/B Academic Staff (15 positions)

Dr Karen Anderson
Dr Paulina Billett
Dr Megan Cook
Dr Emma Henderson
Dr Lachlan James
Dr Kayes Kayes
Dr Shanshan Kou
Dr Phillip Hughes
Dr Lauren Lawson
Mrs Seher Ozonal Ozer
Dr Esin Ozdil
Dr Tania Romano Stasis
Dr Matthew Varley
Dr Andrea Waling
Dr Laura Whitburn

Level C/D Academic Staff (15 positions)

Dr Sarah Anderson
Dr Miriam Bankovsky
Dr Kirsty Duncanson
Dr Conor Hogan
Dr Markandeya Jois
Dr Jennifer Laing
Dr Sarah Midford
Dr Hien Nguyen
Dr Jodi Oakman
Dr Ross O’Shea
Dr Evelien Spelten
Dr Rwth Stuckey
Dr Suzane Vassallo
Dr Prakash Veeraraghavan
Dr David Wilson

Level 1-8 Professional Staff (5 positions)

Mr Daniel Arca
Mrs Natasha Baker
Ms Andrea Holman
Mr Wade Kelly
Ms Tricia Van Der-Kuyp

Level 9 and above Professional Staff (5 positions)

Ms Vibi Bangaar
Dr Kelly Farrell
Dr Clare McCausland
Ms Penny Smith
Ms Andrea Young

Election of Chair and Deputy Chair of Academic Board

The nomination period for the positions of Chair and Deputy Chair of Academic Board closed at 5.00pm on 7 October 2019 with the following results:


Professor Christine Bigby has been elected unopposed as Chair of Academic Board for a two-year term, commencing on 28 February 2020.

Deputy Chair

Professor James Walker has been elected unopposed as Deputy Chair of Academic Board for a two-year term, commencing on 28 February 2020.

Academic Board

Academic Board is the primary body for academic governance and decision-making at the University. Meetings are held 10 times a year on the second Wednesday of the month from 9.30 am-11.00 am.The Board is established under legislation and provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor and University Council on issues that affect academic excellence. It provides a forum for information and debate within the University and is responsible for policy on matters such as admissions, assessment, teaching, student conduct and research conduct.

Academic Board reports directly to Council, which has the power to veto any proposed academic policies. Full details about membership and conduct of Academic Board can be found in the Academic Board Regulations 2019 [PDF 545KB].

Staff and students are requested to read the following information: