Outcome of Election - Student Nominations for 2021 Academic Board Membership

Academic Board is the primary body for academic governance and decision-making at the University. The Board is established under legislation and provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor and University Council on issues that affect academic excellence. It provides a forum for information and debate within the University and is responsible for policy on matters such as admissions, assessment, teaching, student conduct, research and academic appointments and promotion. Membership of the Board includes elected undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The elected student positions, for 1 year commencing 1/1/2021 are:

  • 2 x postgraduate students elected from postgraduate students of the University – 1 x regional campus, 1 x metropolitan campus.
  • 3 x undergraduate students elected from undergraduate students of the University – at least one from a regional campus, and at least one from a metropolitan campus.

Satya Guha Nukala was elected unopposed as the postgraduate student from a regional campus.

An election was held from Thursday 24 September 2020 and closed on Thursday 1 October 2020 to fill the following vacancies:

  • 1 x postgraduate student from the metropolitan campus
  • 3 x undergraduate students – at least one from a regional campus and at least one from a metropolitan campus.

At the close of the voting period, the following students were elected:


  • Joel Blanch (metropolitan campus)
  • Jasmine Joyce (metropolitan campus)
  • Trisha Gupta (regional campus)


  • Wafa Reda Alnuzha Alzighaibi (metropolitan campus)

Academic Board

Academic Board reports directly to Council, which has the power to veto any proposed academic policies. Further details about the role, membership and conduct of Academic Board can be found in the Academic Board Regulations 2019.

Students considering nominating for these positions are requested to read the following information::