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23 Jun 2016Fighting superbugs with pineapple stems

Pineapples and piglets and their crucial role in the global superbug battle

21 Jun 2016Ancient cultures, new ideas about memory

La Trobe PhD research leads to new book, 'The Memory Code'

16 Jun 2016New ways to beat liver fluke in cattle

Developing new ways to control liver fluke infection in dairy cattle

16 Jun 2016La Trobe brings industry to classroom

In an Australian first, La Trobe brings industry into the class room

14 Jun 2016Study shows value of Aboriginal Club

Study shows value of unique Aboriginal sports club

10 Jun 2016Big ideas wanted for a better future

La Trobe a key sponsor of Australian Future's ‘My Big Idea’ contest

06 Jun 2016La Trobe and Carlton in new partnership

Unique partnership between La Trobe and Carlton Football club announced

03 Jun 2016Plants may have short-term memory

Science tries to exploit this to help crops thrive without fertiliser

03 Jun 2016$5m project to save PNG cocoa industry

La Trobe leads $5 million plan to revive PNG's cocoa industry

31 May 2016Health infrastructure needs new staffing

Health infrastructure must come with new staffing

31 May 2016LEAP launches into 2016

La Trobe's 2016 Elite Athlete Program Launched

30 May 2016Hip arthritis and muscle wastage

Should osteoarthritis therapy target particular muscle segments?

30 May 2016MOU forges strong partnership

La Trobe University and City of Greater Bendigo reaffirm partnership

25 May 2016La Trobe signals fossil fuel divestment

La Trobe University will phase out fossil fuel investments

25 May 2016$5M strategic innovation fund created

La Trobe creates $5M Strategic Innovation Fund

23 May 2016John Brumby receives Honorary Doctorate

Former Victorian Premier John Brumby receives Honorary Doctorate from La Trobe

20 May 2016Dismay over new city medical school

People in Bendigo and northern Victoria will be asking why their needs are less important than those in Gosford and Perth

17 May 2016Goldfield lessons in religious diversity

Unearthing nuggets of goldfields history to beat religious intolerance

17 May 2016Sunraysia football netball scholarships

New La Trobe University - Sunraysia Football and Netball scholarships

12 May 2016Bendigo Campus to host new tech school

Bendigo Campus to host new state-of-the-art tech school

10 May 2016Studying US basket ballers’ knee pain

La Trobe chosen for US-funded study into NBA basket ballers’ knee pain

04 May 2016Rural medical school still not approved

Budget disappoints after Murray Darling Medical School overlooked

22 Apr 2016Sexual violence on campus

Join us for this Ideas and Society event about on-campus violence

20 Apr 2016World-first blood test for Parkinson's

Michael J. Fox Foundation grant awarded for Parkinson's blood test

14 Apr 2016Research centre to explore life inland

Centre for the Study of the Inland to be launched in Albury-Wodonga

11 Apr 2016Writing in dark territory

Three respected authors come together for Ideas and Society event

07 Apr 2016La Trobe climbs young gun rankings

La Trobe climbs list in world's best young university rankings

01 Apr 2016Sleep science goes wild

Animal sleep studies are about to head into the great outdoors

22 Mar 2016QS rankings put La Trobe in global elite

We rank alongside the world's elite Universities in more than one third of subjects assessed in the latest QS World University Rankings

16 Mar 2016United action to fight Alzheimer's

By 2030, around 75 million people around the world will be living with dementia

08 Mar 2016More women on the board, more profits

More women on boards is affecting performance of ASX-listed companies

01 Mar 2016Turning plants into medicine factories

Important step towards making cheaper and better pharmaceuticals

23 Feb 2016Is there hope for the climate at last?

Clive Hamilton and Robert Manne to discuss the Paris climate agreement

15 Feb 2016New shuttle bus service launched

Shuttle bus to and from Reservoir Station set to make commute easier

14 Feb 2016New autism app to help parents

La Trobe and Salesforce launch new early detection autism app

10 Feb 2016La Trobe lecturer awarded for research

La Trobe lecturer James Hunt awarded for communicating grains research

10 Feb 2016Dr Dan Grant joins La Trobe in new role

La Trobe welcomes Dr Dan Grant to new industry engagement role.

09 Feb 2016John Makeham appointed at La Trobe

John Makeham appointed chair of China Studies Research Centre

08 Feb 2016La Trobe pays respects to Dr John Hirst

La Trobe mourns loss of Emeritus scholar Dr John Hirst

05 Feb 2016La Trobe leads national aphasia trial

La Trobe aphasia experts lead the way in looking at new and targeted treatment options to maximise recovery and communication for people post stroke

03 Feb 2016Melbourne City Women's remarkable win

Congratulations to our valued partner, Melbourne City Football Club for winning the W-League Grand Final

01 Feb 2016Experience how your mind sees art

Experience how your mind sees art

01 Feb 2016New treatment gives tendon pain the boot

Simple exercises and brain training can stop tendon pain in athletes

27 Jan 2016Top Australia Day honour for scientist

Professor Marilyn Anderson made an Officer of the Order of Australia.

19 Jan 2016Boosting academic pathways for nurses

La Trobe bolsters intake of TAFE qualified nurses

19 Jan 2016LTU Art Institute appoints new director

Karen Quinlan to lead Bendigo Art Gallery & LTU Art Institute

19 Jan 2016La Trobe makes 8,000 offers to students

Students thoughout Victoria receive course offers from La Trobe

14 Jan 2016LTU ranks in top 200 most international

LTU ranked among top 200 most international universities in the world

06 Jan 2016Students’ technology push into Germany

Front-runners developing skills for a more competitive Australia

21 Dec 2015La Trobe Future Fellows awarded $1.5m

Australian Research Council Future Fellowships for young researchers

18 Dec 2015Stonefly research to take off

Government grant boosts research into stonefly populations

17 Dec 2015OTARC wins major global award

Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre wins Force for Change grant

14 Dec 2015Bacterium could influence cancer spread

Role of mycoplasma in development of cancer and inflammatory disease

11 Dec 2015La Trobe sky scanner to US South Pole

Equipment will study hard-to-reach part of the earth’s atmosphere

10 Dec 2015World-class research supports regions

Courses underpinned by innovative world-ranking studies

08 Dec 2015Recognition for top cell death research

Studies show molecular defects relating to cancer and Crohn’s disease

04 Dec 2015La Trobe in top three for research

Strong rise in government research excellence survey

03 Dec 2015La Trobe launches pioneering dog lab

Australia’s first dedicated dog behaviour and cognition laboratory has opened at La Trobe University’s Bendigo Campus.

02 Dec 2015Melbourne in world’s top student cities

QS survey ranks Melbourne as the World's Best Student City after Paris

01 Dec 2015New camp helps Indigenous students SOAR

SOAR Camp will help Indigenous teens develop career paths to Uni

30 Nov 2015Better rat trap wins engineering prize

Significant cost savings for the pest control industry

24 Nov 2015Being poor linked to dropping out of uni

Graduates, dropouts and slow finishers - how financial hardship effects university outcomes

23 Nov 2015La Trobe know-how reaches for the stars

German aerospace contract for bushfire, flood and drought monitoring

17 Nov 2015LTU joins forces with regional tafes

LTU forges partnerships with regional tafes to expand career pathways

12 Nov 2015Keeping Mildura thriving

Strengthening community links vital to keep Mildura thriving

12 Nov 2015Floods and sinking pavements targeted

Out of the box investigations into pressing engineering problems

11 Nov 2015Saving Aussie honey bees - and farmers

PhD student plans to make Aussie bees the strongest in the world

10 Nov 2015LTU launches rural aged care forum

LTU & CSU partner to launch rural Australian Gerontology chapter

09 Nov 2015New way for Indigenous maternity care

Continuity of midwife care for better health outcomes

09 Nov 2015Mental health link to work life balance

Work-family conflict and poor mental health - long lasting elements of modern parenting.

06 Nov 2015Major discovery into cancer weight loss

Muscle wasting disease kills up to one third of all cancer patients

05 Nov 2015Origins of workplace gender inequality

Eight projects receive $2.8m in new ARC research awards

05 Nov 2015All the rivers run – or do they?

ARC grant evaluates how gold mining shaped Victoria’s river system

05 Nov 2015Gaps in university application process

Low SES students disadvantaged in the university application process

28 Oct 2015LTU researchers top 1% in the world

Three LTU researchers recognised in top 1% of international scientists

27 Oct 2015Electric bacteria could save millions

Changing the respiratory chemistry of bacteria in our sewers

26 Oct 2015Benefits of one-to-one midwifery care

La Trobe and the Royal Women's finds consistent midwifery care makes for a positive childbirth experience

23 Oct 2015Helping workers in Melbourne’s north

La Trobe Tertiary Enabling Program for people facing retrenchment

23 Oct 2015Distinguished alumni awarded

The 2015 cohort of distinguished alumni have been awarded

21 Oct 2015Crocs sleep with one eye open

La Trobe scientists have found crocs can sleep with half their brain

20 Oct 2015What will reforms mean for Bendigo?

Forum on sweeping healthcare reforms to take place in Bendigo

19 Oct 2015La Trobe invention to put mums at ease

LTU team wows judges at Telstra University Challenge with Countakick

19 Oct 2015Partnership aims to get people moving

Vichealth funds CSSI to research programs to get people off the couch

14 Oct 2015$1million grant for bio-medical research

Professor Marilyn Anderson awarded share of $1m research grant

13 Oct 2015New campaign to stop pet neglect

Pet owners may be unaware of many aspects of animal welfare

06 Oct 2015PhD student wins prestige scholarship

Jane Kelley has won the Rural Finance Ian Morton Memorial Scholarship

06 Oct 2015Is the next big idea a tram-ride away?

Next generation of thinkers to ride Bendigo's tramways, share ideas

05 Oct 2015La Trobe students work on SMILE

Health students work with community on new SMILE program

05 Oct 2015High-tech bid for basketball supremacy

Researcher assists elite athletes gain a competitive edge

01 Oct 2015La Trobe ranks in international top 400

La Trobe features among the top 400 universities in the world

30 Sep 2015How artificial light effects mammals

Light pollution has delayed the breeding season of mammals

29 Sep 2015La Trobe ranks in world top 400

Largest rise in international rankings in ten years

25 Sep 2015LGBT experience of dementia and ageing

LGBT experience of dementia – Australian first research released

23 Sep 2015Plan to transform Bendigo campus

Key initiatives to be fast-tracked under plan to rejuvenate campus

22 Sep 2015Chance to dance for Parkinson's research

Dance With Me project gives commuters a chance to see how Parkinson's research changing lives

22 Sep 2015Rhinos relocate to La Trobe

Three life-size rhinos have made their home at La Trobe

18 Sep 2015La Trobe supports Bendigo diversity

La Trobe supports diversity and good guidance in Bendigo - Jane Long

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