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12 Nov 2015Floods and sinking pavements targeted

Out of the box investigations into pressing engineering problems

12 Nov 2015Keeping Mildura thriving

Strengthening community links vital to keep Mildura thriving

11 Nov 2015Saving Aussie honey bees - and farmers

PhD student plans to make Aussie bees the strongest in the world

10 Nov 2015LTU launches rural aged care forum

LTU & CSU partner to launch rural Australian Gerontology chapter

09 Nov 2015New way for Indigenous maternity care

Continuity of midwife care for better health outcomes

09 Nov 2015Mental health link to work life balance

Work-family conflict and poor mental health - long lasting elements of modern parenting.

06 Nov 2015Major discovery into cancer weight loss

Muscle wasting disease kills up to one third of all cancer patients

05 Nov 2015Origins of workplace gender inequality

Eight projects receive $2.8m in new ARC research awards

05 Nov 2015All the rivers run – or do they?

ARC grant evaluates how gold mining shaped Victoria’s river system

05 Nov 2015Gaps in university application process

Low SES students disadvantaged in the university application process

28 Oct 2015LTU researchers top 1% in the world

Three LTU researchers recognised in top 1% of international scientists

27 Oct 2015Electric bacteria could save millions

Changing the respiratory chemistry of bacteria in our sewers

26 Oct 2015Benefits of one-to-one midwifery care

La Trobe and the Royal Women's finds consistent midwifery care makes for a positive childbirth experience

23 Oct 2015Helping workers in Melbourne’s north

La Trobe Tertiary Enabling Program for people facing retrenchment

23 Oct 2015Distinguished alumni awarded

The 2015 cohort of distinguished alumni have been awarded

21 Oct 2015Crocs sleep with one eye open

La Trobe scientists have found crocs can sleep with half their brain

20 Oct 2015What will reforms mean for Bendigo?

Forum on sweeping healthcare reforms to take place in Bendigo

19 Oct 2015Partnership aims to get people moving

Vichealth funds CSSI to research programs to get people off the couch

19 Oct 2015La Trobe invention to put mums at ease

LTU team wows judges at Telstra University Challenge with Countakick

14 Oct 2015$1million grant for bio-medical research

Professor Marilyn Anderson awarded share of $1m research grant

13 Oct 2015New campaign to stop pet neglect

Pet owners may be unaware of many aspects of animal welfare

06 Oct 2015PhD student wins prestige scholarship

Jane Kelley has won the Rural Finance Ian Morton Memorial Scholarship

06 Oct 2015Is the next big idea a tram-ride away?

Next generation of thinkers to ride Bendigo's tramways, share ideas

05 Oct 2015High-tech bid for basketball supremacy

Researcher assists elite athletes gain a competitive edge

05 Oct 2015La Trobe students work on SMILE

Health students work with community on new SMILE program

01 Oct 2015La Trobe ranks in international top 400

La Trobe features among the top 400 universities in the world

30 Sep 2015How artificial light effects mammals

Light pollution has delayed the breeding season of mammals

29 Sep 2015La Trobe ranks in world top 400

Largest rise in international rankings in ten years

25 Sep 2015LGBT experience of dementia and ageing

LGBT experience of dementia – Australian first research released

23 Sep 2015Plan to transform Bendigo campus

Key initiatives to be fast-tracked under plan to rejuvenate campus

22 Sep 2015Chance to dance for Parkinson's research

Dance With Me project gives commuters a chance to see how Parkinson's research changing lives

22 Sep 2015Rhinos relocate to La Trobe

Three life-size rhinos have made their home at La Trobe

18 Sep 2015La Trobe supports Bendigo diversity

La Trobe supports diversity and good guidance in Bendigo - Jane Long

14 Sep 2015Same sex marriage link to mental health

New research from La Trobe University shows the significant mental health benefits of relationship formalisation among lesbians and gay men.

14 Sep 2015Fear & greed: Australia-China relations

The next Ideas and Society will look at what ties Australia to China

11 Sep 2015Scoring goals for social inclusion

Students team up with Bendigo sports league to foster social inclusion

08 Sep 2015Ancient DNA charts human migration

DNA from thousands of years ago challenges long-held assumptions

31 Aug 2015New Colombo funding boost

La Trobe will receive $600,000 in New Colombo funding

25 Aug 2015#TalkWithMe

More than one million Australians suffer from a communication or swallowing difficulty - speech pathologists can help

20 Aug 2015Raising brain injury awareness

New model of care and rehabilitation for people with an acquired brain injury is maximising life outcomes

18 Aug 2015Intergenerational fairness

Will the next generation be worse off than the last?

13 Aug 2015Drawtism for autism

How playing pictionary throughout August can help autism research

11 Aug 2015Educating engineers of the future

New undergraduate engineering course boosts job prospects for students

04 Aug 2015Students benefit from hospital reopening

New agreement to re-open La Trobe Private Hospital will provide opportunities for student training

03 Aug 2015Advanced $2.5m surface science lab opens

Man-made heart muscle – and material 200 times stronger than steel

01 Aug 2015La Trobe science inspires Tall Poppies

Secondary students learn science with help of La Trobe postgraduates

01 Aug 2015Maths scholars among world’s elite 100

La Trobe researchers chosen for prestigious Heidelberg Laureate Forum

30 Jul 2015From Hogwarts to Wi-Fi

La Trobe turns ‘70s brown brick into futuristic learning space

27 Jul 2015Gene study uncovers America’s ancestors

New World not completely isolated from Old after initial migration

24 Jul 2015La Trobe University PhD showcase

PhD showcase – Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

23 Jul 2015New economics for city waterways

Research in psychology and ‘bluespace’ helps urban nature

22 Jul 2015China's hepatitis crises

La Trobe study shows gaps in China’s health system contributing to hepatitis epidemic.

21 Jul 2015Praise for engineering breakthrough

Trans-Tasman recognition for engineering students’ breakthrough

16 Jul 2015MurrayDarling Basin resource in pipeline

New resource hopes to improve information on Murray-Darling Basin

15 Jul 2015La Trobe Law School launches ALHR office

La Trobe Law School set to announce exciting new programs

14 Jul 2015Indigenous community celebrates awards

Naidoc Awards night proves a hit with the Albury-Wodonga community

13 Jul 2015Study gives voice to Pacific Islanders

Migrant communities are often socially and economically marginalised

10 Jul 2015Strong boost in new ARC research grants

La Trobe Linkage project grants success well above national average

08 Jul 2015Regional students rewarded

Regional graduates encouraged to stay near while going far

03 Jul 2015New mental health project targets AFL

New mental health project targets former AFL players

01 Jul 2015Groundbreaking new theory for Stonehenge

Puzzling Stone Age relics ‘information technology’ of our ancestors

25 Jun 2015New family violence screening a success

New method of identifying mothers at risk of violence shows promise

25 Jun 2015The future of Australian Universities

Professor John Dewar discusses his views for Ideas and Society

23 Jun 2015VC's term extended to 2021

Professor John Dewar has been re-appointed for a second term

22 Jun 2015Melbourne’s north mecca for rare parrot

La Trobe University woodlands a drawcard for endangered Swift Parrott

22 Jun 2015School students get into science

Program tackles steady decline in year 12 student numbers

22 Jun 2015Volunteers the focus for Aspire 2015

La Trobe partners with CFA, St John Ambulance & Duke of Ed for Aspire

18 Jun 2015Boats help beat desert climate change

New climate study suggests Aboriginal seafarers in Australian desert

16 Jun 2015La Trobe Queen's Birthday honours

Many La Trobe community members received Queen's Birthday honours

15 Jun 2015Human cell death captured for first time

Scientists capture the complex stages of white blood cell death

09 Jun 2015Better work options for adults with ASD

Better work options for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

05 Jun 2015A leader in maths and computer sciences

Strong showing for La Trobe in new CWTS Leiden global ranking

02 Jun 2015La Trobe cancer detection breakthrough

Cancer detection breakthrough could help target best treatments

01 Jun 2015Pop-Up University heads to the Wimmera

La Trobe pop-up uni heads to regional Victoria

01 Jun 2015Ants fall victim to climate change

Climate change & agriculture spell disaster for ecosystems worldwide

27 May 2015Wasp import set to save Christmas Island

La Trobe partners with Parks Australia on new bio-control measure

25 May 2015Philipp joins world young elite in maths

La Trobe researcher picked for top global German science forum

21 May 2015Next Generation Youth Forum 2015

Next Generation Youth Forum targets tomorrow's leaders

13 May 2015Budget 2015 overlooks rural health care

The Murray Darling Medical School has been neglected once again

08 May 2015New approach to treating mental illness

New approach to treating serious mental illness

08 May 2015La Trobe Graduate Research School launch

Botanic Gardens Head launches La Trobe Graduate Research School

07 May 2015La Trobe open for business

La Trobe joins Easy Access IP to sell ideas to private industry

06 May 2015 La Trobe welcomes shuttle bus funding

Trial of high-frequency express shuttle bus to Melbourne campus

06 May 2015RBA should move to 10 basis-point cuts

Economists suggest reducing increments from 25 basis points

30 Apr 2015Innovative toothbrush program for school

Innovative toothbrush program for primary school

30 Apr 2015Steep rise in ‘new uni’ survey results

La Trobe jumps 25 places in global rankings of universities under the age of 50

29 Apr 2015La Trobe in top global subject rankings

Also features in top ten nationally in humanities

20 Apr 2015Research centre opens at Northern Health

State-of-the-art medical centre for La Trobe students now open

20 Apr 2015Is a walk better than a gym session?

Bid to uncover how much exercise we need to guard against diabetes

16 Apr 2015Gallipoli conflict began pre-1915

Few geographical areas have seen as much military action as Gallipoli

15 Apr 2015What really happened at Gallipoli?

Robert Manne, Robin Prior & Carolyn Holbrook separate the history from the myth

14 Apr 2015High tech R&D tackles transport problems

New group formed to boost safety and efficiency of transport systems

02 Apr 2015Report shows LGBT community in distress

Psychological distress and drug use high in LGBT community

26 Mar 2015Government needs to scrap 5% burn target

La Trobe ecologists have established a better way to manage fire risk

26 Mar 2015La Trobe Asia Board meets for first time

La Trobe Asia Board meets for the first time

25 Mar 2015Students join Indian Premier League

Seven students scored the internship opportunity of a lifetime

25 Mar 2015Boost for Shepparton nursing students

New partnership with GV Health secures top-level nurse educator

24 Mar 2015The health condition costing 7.4 billion

The health condition costing the economy 7.4 billion and why workplaces must change

23 Mar 2015Replacing classroom with outdoors

Research advocates benefits of learning in 'great outdoors'

20 Mar 2015Hanoi graduates mark La Trobe learning

Hanoi graduates celebrate La Trobe learning

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