Professor Jan

Professor Jan Nicholson

Inaugural Roberta Holmes Professorial Chair, Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Melbourne (City)

Research centres

Judith Lumley Centre


BSc (Otago), BSC Hons (VUW), MSc (Canterbury), PhD (Univ. Queensland)



Area of study

Public Health

Brief profile

Jan Nicholson was appointed as the Inaugural Roberta Holmes Professor in 2014 to establish a research program around the transition to parenthood in contemporary society. She brings extensive experience in longitudinal studies of the effects of family, socioeconomic and institutional (services, school and workplace) influences on the health and wellbeing of parents and children, and the development and evaluations of community-based programs for preventing family-related health problems.

Jan is a Consortium Advisory Group member and Design Team Leader for the Department of Social Services’ study ‘Growing Up in Australia – the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children’. She has established a national group of early career and senior researchers examining the trajectories and effects of mothers’ and fathers’ parenting and mental health, the effects of mothers’ and fathers’ work on parents and children, socioeconomic inequalities in health and development, the determinants, trajectories and health care costs of common childhood disorders including child mental health, language, literacy, obesity and oral health.

Jan heads the TRANSITION TO CONTEMPORARY PARENTHOOD PROGRAM which seeks to make a real difference in the lives and wellbeing of Australian parents and their children. It will achieve this through four inter-related sets of activities:

Australia’s Parents: Their Health and Wellbeing   We will undertake research that helps to build a greater understanding of the experiences of parents in contemporary society, the challenges parents face, and the supports they require as they prepare to become parents and across parenthood. 

Promoting a Healthy Transition to Parenthood   Informed by our understanding of parents’ needs, concerns and the constraints of busy lives, we will develop and evaluate new ways of supporting parents by providing timely, accessible and effective resources and skills.

Enhancing Existing Services and Supports for Parents   We will work with organisations that play a role in parents’ lives to strengthen the relevance, timeliness and quality of the supports they provide to parents.

Creating Momentum for Change   We will use a range of strategies to disseminate to parents, media, community organisations, service providers and policy makers, evidence-based information about parents and parenting, in order to improve the provision of high quality and effective supports to parents.  

Recent publications

Rayner, M., Dimovski, A., Muscara, F., Yamada, J., Burke, K., McCarthy, M., Hearps, S.J.C., Anderson, V.A., Coe, A., Hayes, L., Walser, R., & Nicholson, J.M. Participating from the comfort of your living room: Feasibility of a group videoconferencing intervention to reduce distress in parents of children with a serious illness or injury.  Child and Family Behavior Therapy. Accepted 5 September 2015.

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Older publications

Peer-reviewed journal papers

Giallo, R., D’Esposito, F., Cooklin, A., Christensen, D., & Nicholson, J.M. (2014). Factors associated with trajectories of psychological distress for fathers across the early parenting period: A national Australian study. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. DOI 10.1007/s00127-014-0834-z

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Research projects


Jan Nicholson, Amanda Cooklin, Sharinne Crawford, Shannon Bennetts, Naomi Hackworth; in collaboration with Julie Green, Jan Matthews, Fabrizio D’Esposito, Parenting Research Centre; Stephen Zubrick, University of Western Australia; Lyndall Strazdins, the Australian National University; Guy Parcel, University of Texas.

La Trobe University and the Parenting Research Centre received funding from the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) to investigate barriers that limit children's independent mobility and physical activity, including parental fear. Commencing in 2012, quantitative and qualitative data are being collected from parents, children and key members of the broader Victorian community, to identify the drivers of parental fear and develop strategies and recommendations for promoting the independent mobility of Victorian primary and secondary school-aged children. In 2014, preliminary findings were released in association with VicHealth’s Walk to School campaign, gaining considerable media attention across print, radio and television. Findings were summarised in The Conversation, and the project was selected as a Finalist in the 2014 Victorian Health Promotion Foundation Awards. The project is due for completion in 2015. FUNDING: Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth)


Jan Nicholson, Elizabeth Westrupp, Naomi Hackworth; in collaboration with Sheena Reilly, Fiona Mensah, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute; Donna Berthelsen, Queensland University of Technology; Lisa Gold, Deakin University.

This project is a school-age follow-up of the large randomised controlled trial the Early Home Learning Study (EHLS). EHLS aimed to identify the best way to support parents experiencing difficult social circumstances to create a rich home learning environment for their young children. This three-year study was conducted at the Parenting Research Centre, in partnership with and funded by the Victorian Department of Early Education and Childhood Development (now the Department of Education and Training). More than 2000 Victorian parents of child aged from birth to three years were involved in the randomised controlled trial of the parenting support program.

In May 2014, funding was awarded to track these children into their school years to determine whether the effects of this early childhood intervention resulted in sustained improvements in later childhood and improved academic, behavioural and family outcomes. Since this time, the investigator team has been negotiating institutional agreements, refining the study design and measures, applying for ethical approval, and preparing key papers for submission from the original study. FUNDING: NHMRC Partnership Grant (1076857; 2014 – 2019)  


Lyndall Strazdins, Huong Dinh, Liana Leach, Australian National University in collaboration with Amanda Cooklin, Jan Nicholson, Elizabeth Westrupp, Cattram Nguyen; Angela Martin, University of Tasmania; Rebecca Giallo, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.

This program of research aims to build evidence to support workplaces and parents to promote parents’ mental health and reduce work-family conflict.  This study uses national, longitudinal (2004-present) cohort data from over 5,000 employed parents and their children to identify practical ways in which workplaces can prevent the adverse effects of poor quality jobs and high work-family conflict on parents and children. Recent analyses have found that for fathers in the first year of parenthood, poor job conditions (job insecurity, long hours, inflexible work schedules) and high work-family conflict were key factors contributing to psychological distress. FUNDING: Australian Rotary Health Research Project Grant (2014 – 2015); Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program funding.


In collaboration with Emma Sciberras, Daryl Efron, Vicki Anderson, Tim Silk, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital and the University of Melbourne; Phillip Hazel, University of Sydney; Obi Ukuommune, University of Exeter, UK; Brad Jongeling, Joondalup Child Development Centre, Perth.

The Children’s Attention Project is a longitudinal study of a community sample of children with and without ADHD, examining the long-term effects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on children's behaviour, learning and day-to-day living.  It includes an assessment of the influence of parenting and parent wellbeing on outcomes for these children. Children have been tracked from ages 6-8 to 10-11 years, with a subgroup currently participating in a nested neuroimaging study. FUNDING: NHMRC Project Grants (1065895, 2014-2018; 1008522, 2011-2015).


In collaboration with Kate Williams, Donna Berthelsen, Queensland University of Technology.

Supported playgroups are an important family policy strategy to support families with young children and funded through national, state, and local governments. This evaluation aims to establish evidence for the efficacy of supported playgroups in relation to child development and the wellbeing, capacity and social connectedness of parents. Mixed methods will be used including a systematic literature review, analysis of existing population datasets, collection of data from current playgroups and in-depth case studies. FUNDING: Department of Education, Training and Employment Queensland (DETE 2014-2017).


Jan Nicholson, Amanda Cooklin, Elizabeth Westrupp, Cattram Nguyen; in collaboration with a range of researchers nationally including Lyndall Strazdins, Nina Lucas, Australian National University; Rebecca Giallo, Emma Sciberras, Melissa Wake, Fiona Mensah , Murdoch Childrens Research Institute; Donna Berthelsen, Sue Walker, Kate Williams, Queensland University of Technology; Steven Zubrick, University of Western Australia.

The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children is Australia’s first national study to track the health and wellbeing of a diverse sample of Australian children. Commencing in 2004, 5,000 infants and 5,000 4-year olds from around the country, have been comprehensively assessed every two years. Since its inception, Jan Nicholson has led the design team developing and selecting the study’s measures of parenting and family functioning. She has established a program of research linking early career and established researchers to use LSAC data to address important research questions. This has resulted in over 40 scientific publications on a diverse range of topics including the impact of parenting and family circumstances on child physical health and wellbeing, the  development and the determinants, patterning and impact of parental mental health difficulties across the first 10 years of being a parent and the healthcare costs of common childhood disorders, FUNDING: Department of Social Services (formerly Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs). Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (ongoing since 2002).


In collaboration with Lynne Daniels, Kimberley Mallan, Karen Thorpe, Elena Jansen, Diana Battistutta, Queensland University of Technology; Anthea Magarey, Flinders University; Jordana Bayer La Trobe University.

Led by Lynne Daniels, this project examined the impact of an intervention delivered in infancy and toddlerhood on maternal feeding practices and  child weight. Jan Nicholson contribution to the parenting content of the intervention and the measures used to assess parenting and maternal wellbeing. Results up to age 3 years show a strong impact on maternal feeding, with positive trends on child anthropometrics. Final outcomes at age 5 years have been submitted for publication. FUNDING: NHMRC Project Grants (1021065, 2012-2014; 426704, 2007-2011) 


Jan Nicholson, Leesa Hooker, Angela Taft; in collaboration with Rae Kaspiew, Lixia Qu, Ruth Weston, Australian Institute of Family Studies; Cathy Humphries, University of Melbourne; Fiona Buchanan, University of South Australia.

This mixed method, multi-disciplinary research, led by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, examines the impact of family violence on parenting. Components include a review of current knowledge on the impact of family violence on mothers, fathers and children, analyses of existing population and specialist cohorts to assess the impact of family violence on the parenting capacity of men and women, and in-depth interviews to gain insight of the experiences and service needs of affected families. FUNDING: Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS, 2015-2016).

TAKE A BREATH’: VIDEOCONFERENCING GROUP INTERVENTION FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH LIFE-THREATENING ILLNESS AND INJURY. In collaboration with Vicki Anderson, Frank Muscara, Meredith Rayner, Maria McCarthy, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and Royal Children’s Hospital; Kylie Burke, University of Queensland; Robyn Walser, University of California, Berkeley.

Parents of a child diagnosed with a life threatening illness or injury often experience debilitating stress and anxiety. When this persists it is associated with a range of difficulties for both parent and child. The Take A Breath program seeks to prevent or reduce traumatic symptoms in these parents. Using a videoconferencing format, parents take part in a brief group intervention, from the comfort of their home. FUNDING: Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.


In collaboration with Stephanie Brown, Kelsey Hegarty, Deirdre Gartland, Hannah Woolhouse, Rebecca Giallo, Fiona Mensah, Harriet Hiscock, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and University of Melbourne.

Led by Stephanie Brown, the Maternal Health Study is a multi-wave, prospective cohort study investigating the health and well-being of over 1500 first-time mothers recruited from six Melbourne hospitals between 2003-2005. Jan Nicholson provides advice around measures and data collection methods for the 10-year follow-up which involves greater focus on parenting and child outcomes. FUNDING: NHMRC Project Grant (APP1048829, 2013-2017)


In collaboration with Susan Moreton, Polly Awatere-Carr, University of Auckland; Jan Pryor, Victoria University of Wellington.

Growing Up in New Zealand is New Zealand's contemporary longitudinal study tracking the development of approximately 7,000 children from before birth until they are young adults. It seeks to provide unique information about what shapes children’s early development and how interventions might be targeted to give every child the best start in life. Jan Nicholson is a member of the study’s External Scientific Advisory Group, advises on the selection of parenting members, and is co-investigator on the fathers’ study collecting data at age 5 years. FUNDING: New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Science Investment Grant 2013-2016