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BBV News 6 June 2017

HIV and viral hepatitis research, resources, projects, events and services in Victoria, Australia

New Insights into hepatitis B

Read a summary of the New insights into hepatitis B: Understanding the social and cultural experiences of people affected by hepatitis B workshop presented 18 May 2016..

Seminar recording: Sexual violence

Listen to a recording of seminar: Online/offline: sexual violence, activism, and justice.

Choices about fertility and parenthood

Participate in new research project exploring the fertility choices of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Australians.

The Nauru files: why don’t we believe?

The Nauru files: why don’t we believe victims of sexual abuse?

AIDS not public health issue but HIV is

While we may not see many cases of AIDS in Australia today, HIV is very much an important public health issue in this country.

AFL needs social change to stop misogyny

AFL needs social change, not just crisis management around misogyny

Bouverie Centre student awarded

Innovation Grant award for Bouverie student

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The first National Survey of Secondary Teachers of Sexuality Education

Survey finds that secondary teachers need more training in sexuality education.

Advancing Sexualities Studies Short Course

The Advancing Sexualities Studies Short Course training tool